Christmas 2021

That’s all she wrote for 2021. All order have now been dispatched.

Orders made from here on will be dispatched on the 29th of December, for one day only. Then it’s back to dispatch as normal from the 3rd January 2022.

The cut off is early this year because of the staff issue with courier companies. Thank you for all the support this year. Merry Christmas everyone !

Coffee beans from espresso blends to single origins

Since 2004 Happy Donkey has supplied fresh coffee beans online. The coffee is Gourmet quality . Consistency is key. The emphasis is on supplying strong and flavoursome coffee. Espresso blends are what Happy Donkey is famous for.

Classic Italian and Classic Brazilian are the main espresso blends . These provide outstanding coffee drinks. From Cappuccino and Latte to Cordano. Espresso shots and cold brew. No matter what machine or grinder is used.

These two will always work well. Run espresso shots on a Gaggia or Sage Barista domestic machine. Run Happy Donkey espresso shots on a commercial coffee machine. The result is always the same. A satisfying fresh strong coffee.

Image displaying coffee beans perfect for the MC2 coffee grinder.
Great coffee beans make great shots like this from the classic Italian espresso blend.

Arabica fresh roasted coffee beans

Espresso blends taking a more refined form arrive as a Sumatran Mocha blend. Utilising the large rounded yet most subtle body . Sumatran Blue Lingtong is the main ingredient.

Coupled with other beans from origins close by. A cappuccino and a biscuit with this blend will swiftly leas to another !

Moving on to Costa Rican coffee beans. A single origin from the central valleys. An all day drinking single origin. Smooth and soothing. The taste of sunshine from the land of happy.

The blend which works with the main methods. Traditional machines, bean to cup, French Press, Aeropress and Moka pot stove top maker. Smooth 100% Arabica coffee beans.

More coffee, strong coffee.

Coffee beans for those wanting a lighter hit come in the form of Decaff. Decaffeinated beans are a blend of Central American Arabica. Feedback regarding this blend is a nice strong coffee without the hit. But still giving that authentic traditional coffee taste.

Coffee cleaning

Coffee cleaning products are essential for making great beverages.

Buying great gourmet coffee beans and getting that sought after strong coffee flavour is admirable. The pathway must always be kept clean for best results.

Products like Puly Caff cleaner for back flushing. Puly grind for cleaning coffee grinders are essential.Left to cope for themselves coffee machines produce unwanted tastes and aromas. Exactly the results we do not want !

Bean to cup technology has come a long way in recent years. The reliability of some machines is now quite good. The up time is heavily dependent on the cleaning cycles. Quality branded cleaning products must be used. For bean to cup cleaners see Pulymilk and Puly Tablets. Various sizes of cleaner tablets are available.

The main enemy of cleanliness in coffee makers is tannin. Not forgetting oils from the coffee beans. Puly cleaner products are all specifically formulated for the job.


Descaler is available to buy on site for commercial and domestic coffee makers. Puly Baby cleaner and Calcinet are the two main products.

For domestic coffee makers like the Gaggia Classic use Puly Baby cleaner once a month. Domestic kettles can also be descaled in the same way.

Calcinet is a more industrial lime scale removal solution. Primarily blended for commercial dishwashers. Calcinet works wonders on limescale filled copper boilers and pipes too! Read more about in on the coffee blog.

Coffee making water filtration

So great coffee beans making good strong coffee. Clean coffee machine. Clean coffee grinder. Looking good gourmet people. But what else is needed to make great coffee?

A great coffee machine filter. Most of the espresso shot used in coffee comprises of water. The best tasting milk is filtered. The better tasting water is filtered too. Happy Donkey don’t just offer Brita filters to buy online. A coffee machine filter fitting and reminder service is also available on request.

Setting up a water filter should never just be a case of connecting and off you go. There are many variables to consider. Happy Donkey can help achieve the correct settings nationwide. Get in touch to find out more.

For domestic coffee makers there is the all famous Domfilter. A micro filtration unit filled with resin. These pop onto the water intake pipe. Subject to that being visible and accessible.

Featuring also

Bits and pieces for enhanced coffee making pleasure. Coffee tampers like the Macap CPS. Constant pressure tamper. Cold brew making jugs. Coffee scales. Moka pot stove top coffee makers. Coffee beans knock boxes and bars.

This kind of equipment will come and go in the future. The aim is to vary what is on offer. One thing which has always remained true. All that is here to buy is tried and tested. Trusted and love. There’s no junk here.

Since 2004 Happy Donkey has provided an honest and straight forward service online. Proud to have been part of the ‘first coffee wave’. The service is still here now and little has changed. Other than things are more refined and organised than ever.

Over the years so many people have made their first gourmet level strong coffee. Following our advice and using our coffee. Many commercial customers have made a living from coffee machines and beans supplied by Happy Donkey.

Whilst some have forgotten that fact many have remembered. These people remain loyal to this day. To those people we salute you and are truly humbled by your company.