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Commercial coffee machine descaler

Calcinet Descaler is the ultimate commercial coffee machine descaler. Strong and efficient the descaling crystals dissolve in seconds. Customers report outstanding success. Using Calcinet on irons, kettles, taps and dishwashers too.

Use the crystals to remove lime scale from affected components. On an espresso machine group solenoid valves and pipes clog up easily. This issue is easily solved with the best remover in the industry.

It is most preferable to remove the boiler where scale has significantly spread. Though this may not be the easy solution.  It is the best way to ensure that the boiler is lime scale free. Good water filtration is the key for prevention.

Customers have reported using Calcinet for domestic espresso machines. These machines have scaled up to the point where the internals are completely clogged up.

Use with caution if this is the case. Do not leave the solution in the boiler for more than 10 – 15 minutes. Because this is commercial coffee machine descaler. It is very powerful. For example if using on a Gaggia Classic or baby machine. As well as models like the Rancilio Silvia.

Descaling – Safety first.

It is always advised to use gloves with chemical based products. They can irritate skin. This product give off significant odour in use. It is therefore advised to use only in well vented areas.

Please also note that the instructions for use on the tub are in Italian. So click on the picture and print out or note well the instructions there before use.

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