Sumatran Mocha

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Showing all 2 results

The popular 100% Arabica Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans blend. Sumatran coffee has a massive yet very subtle body. An absolute temptress of a coffee blend. The beauty really is in the detail and there’s a lot of it.

First of all Blue Lingtong is a long time known top quality coffee bean.  Grown at high altitudes the flavour is somewhat unique. Expertly blended with two other beans from the region. Moreover it’s 100% Arabica and 100% flavoursome.

Use this coffee to make a milk drink and discover a new kind of beautiful. The nuances are obvious and many. Fruit and chocolate being the main two here. There are more to be discovered. Subtle changes in grind consequently reveal various high notes.

A clean and thoroughly pleasant coffee in every way. Sumatran Mocha is a treasure to behold. Recently this blend has grown massively in popularity. Buy some today and be prepared to be impressed.