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Sumatran Mocha

The popular 100% Arabica Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans blend is most noticeable for its subtle body, making it an absolute temptress among coffee blends. The true beauty lies in the intricate details that it offers.

Firstly, Blue Lingtong stands as a classic, top-quality coffee bean, grown at high altitudes, which contributes to its unique flavour. Additionally, it is skillfully blended with two other beans, all sourced from the Sumatran mocha region, resulting in a 100% Arabica blend that is bursting with flavors.

The main flavours that stand out are fruit and chocolate, but there are more nuances waiting to be discovered. Adjusting the grind level brings out different high notes, while the aftertaste ranges from spicy to subtly reminiscent of liquorice.

In every aspect, Sumatran Mocha is a clean and thoroughly enjoyable coffee. It is a treasure to behold and has seen a tremendous surge in popularity recently. Experience it for yourself by purchasing some today and be prepared to be impressed.

A satisfied customer has shared their thoughts on this blend:

“I love this coffee. It is my favourite coffee in the world, which is a wonderful feeling. Whenever I drink other coffees, I am left disappointed. I would rather opt for tea in coffee shops than settle for inferior blends. The Sumatran beans are rich yet gentle on the stomach. They possess a fragrant and silky quality that tells a story. This coffee has become my friend.”

Such a fantastic description truly captures the essence of this beautiful coffee. These words hold deep meaning, and there is nothing more to add. Sumatran Mocha speaks for itself.

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