Back Flushing Baskets

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Showing all 3 results

Back flushing baskets for espresso machines with 3 way solenoid valves. Used with Puly Caff powder to clean the group head of the coffee machine.

Failure to back flush on a regular basis will consequently lead to trouble.

The best back flushing baskets are the Puly Blindy. A deeper dish basket creates a more powerful flush. The baskets do not have any holes at all.

When the pressure from the group head hits the basket it has nowhere to go. The pressure grabs the Puly powder and goes back up into the group head.

The cleaning powder turns into a foam and breaks down the dried tannin. Leading to better tasting and smelling espresso.

It is suggested to back flush espresso machines daily with water. Flush once a week with cleaning powder.

It should be noted that you can only do this if it is equipped with a three way solenoid. On the domestic side this means it is possible to do it on a Gaggia Classic, Gaggia Baby and Rancilio Silvia.

On the commercial side it means nearly every model on the market, it is not possible on a lever pull model.