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Milk Thermometers

First of all milk thermometers measure the temperature of milk, as it is being foamed. Some hang inside the jug via a clip. Some stick onto the side of the jug.

Every milk thermometer here is tried and tested. Happy Donkey only stock the best.

Find the peak milk foaming temperature

All models have ideal foaming peak temperatures. These are highlighted in lumo zones.

Go too hot when micro foaming and the milk is dead. Most of all foam at a high enough temperature and lose out. Most noteworthy is lost foam volume makes a lesser coffee.

Using a thermometer helps to automate micro foaming. It enables the Barista to multi task. Using a jug with a dial hanging on the top looks good. A thermometer with a clip can easily be transferred between milk jugs.

Happy Donkey stock Motta, espresso gear and Crema Pro milk thermometers. In a hurry? Buy the Motta, it’s a real goody.

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