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Domestic coffee machine descaler

Puly Baby Domestic Coffee Machine Descaler. Suitable for descaling domestic home use coffee machines.  Models like the Gaggia Baby, the Gaggia Classic, the Gaggia Coffee, Delonghi Espresso Coffee, the Rancilio Silvia, the Rancilio Lucy, Krups and many more besides. Use monthly.

After Descaling

After using descaler be sure to run some water through the machine. There will always be some retention. Run at least two full tanks of water through the group head. Be sure to run some through the steam arm. Above all ensure none of the descaling solution is left in the coffee maker.

How to know if  descaler is left in the coffee maker? Run some water from the machine into a bowl. Add milk. Because if the milk curdles then descaler is still in the machine. Furthermore flushing with water is required.

This should be checked for example a Gaggia Classic descaled recently required 4 full tanks to clear.

Descale to get great espresso.

Descaling will help to ensure an espresso machine runs smoothly. Free from problems. It is true to say that around 90% of hardware failures are caused primarily by the build up of lime scale. Using Puly Baby on a regular basis can help to avoid trouble.

We always suggest wearing protective gloves to protect your hands. Furthermore eye protection is a good idea. Domestic coffee machine descaler is your friend. Use in conjunction with our domfilters wherever possible.

What else can Puly Baby be used for?

Anything which holds scale may well benefit from puly cleaner. Domestic kettles for instance respond well. Mixing solution for taps works well. As a handy tip why not apply with an old paint brush to specific areas? Accuracy is a wonderful thing ! Get those kitchen and bathroom taps shiny again.

Consequently this cleaner is more than simply domestic coffee machine descaler.  Because it is so versatile. In short if you love espresso buy some today !

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