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Shot Glasses

Coffee shot glasses and espresso shot pots. The espresso shot glass is the most basic and important accessory. A shot glass gives a visual gauge of what is happening with the coffee.

The most useful function of the shot glass is the ability to measure the amount of espresso.

Typically a Barista wishes to extract two one ounce shots from a double basket. The basket is filled with 14 grams of ground coffee beans. The ideal extraction time is 20-25 seconds.

Shot glasses are lined at 1oz. Fill the whole glass  to measure 2oz.

A transparent glass gives the ability to see and measure the amount of crema produced from each shot. A valuable function when configuring a coffee grinder.

Adjusting the coarseness of coffee grind according to temperature

Obtain the correct level of coarseness. consistently using shot glasses to measure.

A visual alert a to whether humidity and atmosphere has changed.  Watching the shot pour is the best way to troubleshoot potential issues.

If level adjustment is needed on the grinder it will mean:

Go coarser if the weather goes from hot to cold.

Finer when it goes from cold to hot.