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Bottomless Portafilters

Buy bottomless portafilters

Happy Donkey supply the absolute best bottomless portafilters. That is fact, not an opinion. The bottomless portafilters are moulded specifically during the manufacturing process. Each portafilter is made from solid brass with a heavy coating of chrome.

First of all the bottomless produces more coffee crema on an espresso shot. The coffee meets with less temperature resistance. Consequently the coffee stays hotter.

Make superior crema

Crema is purely a product of the oils in the coffee beans.  Therefore the oil floats on top of the poured coffee liquid. Crema produced through a bottomless portafilter is thicker and tastier.

The portafilters are used for many reasons by different people. Moreover enthusiasts know the advantages the tool gifts to making better espresso. Hence the popularity.

Coffee and Barista trainers use bottomless portafilters as a training tool. Failure to tamp flat in use will cause coffee to spray away from the portafilter. The advantage of the bottomless is the flat underside. It is easy to tamp flat onto a work surface with the absence of spouts.

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