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Costa Rica

Freshly roasted Costa Rican coffee beans are carefully packed in 250g bags.

From the renowned valley of honey, we present the best 100% Arabica beans.

These beans create an exceptionally smooth cappuccino and flat white. Costa Rican coffee is perfect for enjoying throughout the day.

Not a single hint of harsh or bitter notes can be found in this single origin coffee. It is guaranteed to please your palate.

These beans are commonly used for French Press, Cafetiere, and Pour Over makers. However, when finely ground, they also make a fantastic espresso.

As a pure espresso, it offers a sweet and fruity taste, accompanied by a soft and lightly toasted spice flavour.

Costa Rica Coffee Beans are the epitome of a classic coffee. They are famous for their single origin and the most delightful tones. When it comes to elegance, nothing surpasses them.

This coffee consistently delivers the same exceptional results. It is roasted using a recipe that never changes. Once you try it, you will never forget it.

The aroma of this coffee fills the air and lingers, creating a truly relaxing ambience.

In conclusion, it is fair to say that Costa Rican coffee beans are a refined choice. They are enjoyed by those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Just imagine the scene: you return from a day filled with stresses and strains. Soft music plays in the gentle glow of soft lighting. In the summer, you sit outdoors, gazing up at the clouds.

A cup of fine and smooth coffee soothes your taste buds and calms your mind. For that moment in time, nothing else matters. It is a pure cup of happiness from the valley of honey.

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