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Costa Rica

Fresh Roasted Costa Rica Coffee Beans. Packed in 250G bags.

From the valley of honey. Comes the best of 100% Arabicas.

The smoothest Cappuccino and Flat White ever. Costa Rican is an ideal all day coffee.

Not a single hint of harsh or bitter notes. This single origin is guaranteed to please.

Most commonly used for French Press, Cafetiere and Pour Over makers. However using a fine grind makes for great espresso.

Moreover as a pure espresso. A sweet and fruity taste. Soft and and lightly toasted spice.

Costa Rica Coffee Beans are the outright original classic. The famous single origin with the most pleasant of tones. When it comes to class nothing beats it.

Firstly of note is the consistency. A single Origin always from the same fields.

To clarify the coffee will always give identical results. Roasted with a recipe which never changes. Once tried, never forgotten.

As well as the smooth tones meanwhile the aroma fills the air. It carries and lingers. Creating the most relaxing feel.

In conclusion it is fair to say Costa Rica coffee beans are refined. Enjoyed by those who appreciate the finer things.

Imagine the scene. The return from another day with all it’s stresses and strains. Soft music in soft light. In summer perhaps a seat out doors. looking up at the clouds.

A fine smooth coffee soothes the tastes buds. Soothes the mind. Because for that moment in time nothing else matters. A cup of happiness from the honey valley. Not so many miles away.


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