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Puly Caff Powder

Puly Caff powder  is used for a variety of purposes. First of all to clean and backflush machines. Commercial and some domestic espresso coffee machines can be cleaned in this way.

Puly is the fastest dissolving and most effective powder available. It is non hazardous and food safe. Often imitated but definitely never equalled. Puly Caff is the best available.

Why do espresso machines need cleaning?

During use espresso machines build up tannin in the group head.  The deposits form a coat of bitter and unhygienic tannin. Dried up tannin on the machines internals cause issues.

Failure to backflush will result in bitter tasting espresso shots. As well as coffee aroma.

What where and how.

Puly cleaning powder will break down tannin.  The powder works best when used with a Blindy basket. Also known as a back flushing basket. The basket does not have any holes.

Powder is placed into the Blindy basket. the powder expands and cleanses the machine internals. The solution comes out of the exhaust valve into the drip tray.

After a number of flushes the solution runs clear. Repeat the process with normal water. This will help to clear the remaining cleaner from the espresso machine.

Back flushing should be performed at least once a week. For a busy commercial machine, flush once a day.

It is a good idea to also flush with water at the beginning of every day. This helps to keep things clean. It also helps to warm up the pipe work up too.

This can also be used on domestic models with a 3-way group valve. Machines such as the Gaggia Classic and the Gaggia Baby. See the guide on ‘how to backflush’ on happybloggy.co.uk

Available in convenient sachets of 10. Or as a single 900 Gram tub.  As well as trade price volumes. Puly is a cheap and efficient way to clean. Ensure the best cappuccinos, lattes and espressos all day long.

It is a great powder for cleaning any coffee stained product such as milk foaming jugs, shower screens, brushes and even for helping to polish up your stainless steel panels. Simply dilute in hot water, soak and scrub.