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Brazilian Coffee Beans

Brazilian Coffee Beans Blend: Firstly, the best beans for pure espresso shots.

Secondly, this powerful blend works well for flat whites and cappuccinos.

Most notably, this coffee is loved by the well-heeled, but it’s accessible to everyone.

Similar yet distinct from the Classic Italian blend in terms of strength.

The highest quality East African additions add a lively and rich taste with a great aftertaste. It’s full of fascination and romance.

The premium gourmet taste is unforgettable, and it has been highly rated by influential coffee experts. It is considered one of the best coffees ever.

This espresso blend is made from four beans: 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta.

It includes Arabica beans from Costa Rica, along with a mix of Robusta beans from Zambia and Colombia. Additionally, it features award-winning origins from Brazil.

The washed origins in the blend give it a special touch. Brazilian coffee beans are perfectly blended to surpass any other espresso blend.

It is genuinely distinctive in every way, a true grade A coffee.

The drinks made from this coffee are creamy, rich, and have beautiful hints of caramel.

As a bonus, this coffee is 100% Fair Trade Certified. Every bean in the bag is Fair Trade, which is a rarity these days. This high-end gourmet espresso blend is proven to be ethically sourced.

Most notably, for shop owners, this blend attracts regular customers faster than any other. Volume sales consistently increase when Brazilian coffee beans are used. The loyalty it garners is second to none, especially in affluent areas.

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