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All package deals come with free point of sale, free drinks, free grinder, knockout drawer, filter, installation, training, barista kit, cleaning products, technical support and warranty (where applicable).

What is it a traditional espresso coffee machine and why should we buy it?

A traditional espresso machine is a coffee machine based on the old traditional way of making coffee which you have been accustomed to seeing in some big name high street chain coffee shops.

There is a certain element of theatre involved in making the coffee from these machines and some people swear by the drinks produced from this method and will not use any other. Traditional coffee machines generally have a separate grinder to grind the fresh beans and the coffee is transported from there to the machine by hand. The milk is mostly frothed by hand and with different density and texture added to an espresso to make different variations of drinks you know and love today.

The advantage to this machine is the ability to completely make any hot beverage you desire to the size and strength that you like whilst giving you far more options on the drinks menu.

We offer barista training free with every traditional espresso machine purchased from ourselves.

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