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Water Filters

Happy Donkey are suppliers of  espresso machine water filters. Enabling effective Calcium Treatment for all.

For effective water treatment for all potable water applications. Where the use of salt based systems is inappropriate. Such as on Commercial Coffee Machines, use a quality filter.

Every espresso machine needs a filter. Regardless of where it is located.

Shown here is a brief overview of the filters. For further details click on the  filter of interest to see more.

Read the in depth guide to testing water for coffee machine filters

Brita Water Filters:

The purity C range offers a four stage filtration system. A volumetric flow independent bypass.  Making it ideal for traditional espresso coffee machines. Simply purchase the head and the cartridge.

Buy a replacement cartridge every year or when needed. A smart phone application will automatically notify the time.

An engineer is not required to fit to change the Brita cartridge.  It’s no coincidence that these are now the market leading product in the coffee machine sector.


Domfilters are very small filters. Designed for the input pipe on domestic coffee machines.  Models such as the Rancilio Silvia, the Gaggia Classic, and the Iberital Handy (when used in a non commercial setting).

These filters are great little units which supply effective filtration for up to 150 litres. Dependent on the hardness of water in the area. In order to use these there must be access to the machines water feed pipe. Best used in conjunction with Puly baby descaler sachets.