Happy Donkey

Happy Donkey Coffee Beans

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Coffee Makers


Coffee makers include the traditional French press. Also known as the Cafetiere. Most people tried their first ever real coffee in a French press.

Moka Pot

Next up is the Moka pot. Also known as a stove top coffee maker. Not to be not be over looked. Great coffee can be produced from stove top coffee makers.

With the genuine feel of coffee making culture. Coffee made with a Moka pot stove top gives off a fantastic aroma. Consequently the feeling of home is enhanced.

The aroma fills the house like no other. Even beating a commercial coffee machine.

Coffee makers come and go. The oldies are goodies. Still the preferred coffee maker at Happy Donkey is the Moka Pot stove top.

Authentic, pure and unpretentious. The stove top reminds us of what coffee probably should be about.

Coffee on the move

Camping, hiking, carp fishing even golf !

Fancy a day out in the country to get away from all the rubbish you face every day? Don’t wait for an excuse just hit the country with a camping gas stove and a Moka pot, sit back relax !

Just drive and pull over by a field and make a coffee.