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Gaggia La Radiosa

All of our Bean to Cup Gaggia La Radiosa coffee machines are sold as either a lease-purchase option or are available as a fixed cash price.

If you are interested in our Coffee machines then please ask one of our advisors for a package suited to your needs.

The standard package deal on our Bean to Cup commercial coffee machines includes 3000 free drinks, full warranty, installation, cups, swing sign, water filter and various other items which we can change to suit your particular business model. This can include fresh milk options, granulated milk options or coin operated machinery for self-service. There are in certain circumstances reconditioned equipment available and the option to rent one of our commercial coffee machines.

Once you have made contact with one of our agents, we will ask you a series of questions which allow us to determine which item of coffee making equipment would suit you personally. We would also need to ask some questions to determine availability of credit. This is standard throughout the industry when buying commercial coffee machines and all information that you reveal to us is strictly confidential. We are licensed to offer a credit option to our customers and governed by the financial conduct authority for all matters relating to our sales. We are also GDPR compliant and take your privacy very seriously.

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Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Gaggia La Radiosa


If the first machines built by Achille Gaggia were designed to make his dreams reality, then he would have seen the brand’s new La Radiosa, with its stunning 10” HD capacitive display, as pure science fiction. La Radiosa is a colour chameleon and what’s more, thanks to its ground-breaking EvoMilk fresh milk system, it delivers coffee perfection for consumers wherever they are in the world, whatever expectations they have.

Exclusive Design
The first thing you’ll notice about this great new machine from Gaggia Milano is its eye-catching design, centred on its door, which is surrounded by RGB leds, allowing purchasers to change its appearance. In addition to its compact dimensions, La Radiosa offers great flexibility. You can specify one or two bean hoppers, with one or two soluble powder containers.

In compliance with EN 16889 hygiene-food standards and NSF strict protocols, La Radiosa was designed with the aim of creating an elegant and at the same time functional product:

Hygenic Features
Automated beverage packaging cycle by means of the Bean-To-Cup solution, which obviates from any human interaction and ensures maximum hygiene.
Automatic rinsing cycles with hot water (90°C) of both the milk and the coffee circuits after each dispensing.
In addition to offering perfectly frothed hot and cold milk drinks, at the end of the daily service the EvoMilk system guarantees an innovative washing and sanitizing cycle which, after a quick launch, is completed in full autonomy using specific NSF-approved detergents.

Easy cleaning of all external surfaces, the capacitive touchscreen and other finishes.


  • 10” full HD touchscreen (up to 12 selections per single page)
  • Customizable User Interface (drink icons, customer logo and background colour)
  • RGB LEDs lateral stripes (up to 256 colours)
  • Self service or Barista configurable User Interface
  • Customizable access to programming (different access passwords)
  • EvoMilk technology: hot and cold foamed milk and innovative milk system cleaning
  • Flow control system for coffee and solubles preparation
  • Independent hot water outlet
  • Adjustable nozzle head from 75 mm/2.95 in to 170 mm/6.7 in
  • Self-setting regulation of blades as an option
  • Energy saving: soft and deep mode
  • Eva-dts file for statistics
  • MDB capable (hardware and software)
  • USB port
  • Embedded Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity – 3G connectivity as an option
  • 4 Lt/0.9 UK gal capacity glass front fridge + cup warmer on the top
  • 4 Lt/0.9 UK gal capacity glass front fridge
  • Kit to install the fridge on the left
  • Double nozzle kit for milk dispensing
  • Kit to discharge coffee cakes under the table
  • Self-feeding water kit
  • Trolley wood base cabinet single door (W 700 x D 600 x H 850 mm)
  • Trolley wood base cabinet double door (W 1000 x D 600 x H 850 mm)
  • 100 milk cleaning tablets (8 gr, 100 washing cycles)
  • 100 brewer cleaning tablets (100 washing cycles)
  • BWT starter kit (XL model)
  • BWT filter cartridge (XL model)

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