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Biepi MC-E 2 Group Espresso

All of our Biepi MC-E 2 Group Machines are sold as either a lease-purchase option or are available as a fixed cash price.

If you are interested in our commercial coffee machines then please ask one of our advisors for a package suited to your needs.

The standard package deal on our commercial coffee machines includes 3000 free drinks, full warranty, installation, cups, swing sign , water filter and various other items which we can change to suit your particular business model. This can include fresh milk options, granulated milk options or coin operated machinery for self-service. There are in certain circumstances reconditioned equipment available and the option to rent one of our commercial coffee machines.

Once you have made contact with one of our agents, we will ask you a series of questions which allow us to determine which item of coffee making equipment would suit you personally. We would also need to ask some questions to determine availability of credit. This is standard throughout the industry when buying commercial coffee machines and all information that you reveal to us is strictly confidential. We are licensed to offer a credit option to our customers and governed by the financial conduct authority for all matters relating to our sales. We are also GDPR compliant and take your privacy very seriously.

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Biepi MC-E 2 Group

Automatic 2 Group
With a minimalist design that exudes real character, the MC-E is an easy to use and reliable professional espresso machine.

Available with one or two groups and in total black and total white finishes, it comes equipped with an optional display packed with functions.


This professional auto espresso coffee machine is ideal for small cafes, restaurants etc. looking to serve professional coffees.

Simple and intuitive control panel with automatic operation. 4 programmable doses and start and stop button for hot water dosed for each group. Pre-infusion is easily activated and deactivated by the control panel.

Biepi coffee machines are renowned for their attention to detail. With heating delivered via a patented thermosiphon system and the minimalist design delivering optimum ergonomics, with angled portafilter grips. The working area is also illuminated for maximum visibility, helping the barista when preparing professional high-quality coffees.

  • Biepi MCE- Espresso Coffee Machine
  • Automatic 2 Group operation
  • Heating of the group via thermosiphon system
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Optimum ergonomics with angled portafilter grips
  • Control panel with four programmable doses.
  • Start/Stop Button and hot water dosed for each group.
  • Easy installation with 13 Amp 3 Pin Plug
  • 3.365Kw heating
  • 12 litre boiler capacity

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