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La Spaziale S40

All of our Traditional La Spaziale S40 Machines are sold as either a lease purchase option or are available as a fixed cash price.

If you are interested in our commercial coffee machines then please ask one of our advisors for a package suited to your needs.

The standard package deal on our commercial coffee machines includes 3000 free drinks, full warranty, installation, cups, swing sign, water filter and various other items which we can change to suit your particular business model. This can include fresh milk options, granulated milk options or coin operated machinery for self-service. There are in certain circumstances reconditioned equipment available and the option to rent one of our commercial coffee machines.

Once you have made contact with one of our agents, we will ask you a series of questions which allow us to determine which item of coffee making equipment would suit you personally. We would also need to ask some questions to determine availability of credit. This is standard throughout the industry when buying commercial coffee machines and all information that you reveal to us is strictly confidential. We are licensed to offer a credit option to our customers and governed by the financial conduct authority for all matters relating to our sales. We are also GDPR compliant and take your privacy very seriously.

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La Spaziale S40

La Spaziale’s S40 is their top of the range commercial coffee machine and it is without doubt a technological marvel. The machine is loaded with a highly advanced set of features such as thermal control to an accuracy of 0.5 degrees, warning signals for fine grind and digital pressure sensors.

The S40’s ergonomical design with high grade materials will surely please any on-looker and thanks to a variety of colour options it can be built specifically to suit your environment.


La Spaziale STEAM heat exchange system
La Spaziale’s STEAM heat exchange is a fantastic method for delivering coffee, with steam blasting the coffee just as it passes via the group head thus keeping the coffee temperature at a constant level no matter how hard the machine is pushed. Coffee has a perfect sweet spot of around 94 degrees with notable changes coming from any movement either side of this. As an added advantage the STEAM system uses far less power than a conventional heating system.

Adjustable temperature
The S40 sports easily adjusted temperature control’s allowing you to adjust the temperature of drinks served without an engineer call out.

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