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  • Image displaying Italian coffee beans.

    Classic Italian coffee beans 2 x 250G strong espresso blend. (£7.50)
    reviewed by David

    Italian - Can't go wrong, easy to work with giving consistent results in my case very and I mean very good flat white double shot drinks. I have paid double and over the price here for other's blends and single source beans and the results obtained with a 35 second process from start to finish giving a 25 second actual pour on my machine ... perfect! Continue the good work Happy Donkey! Cheers

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  • Image displaying brazilian fair trade coffee.

    Brazilian Fair Trade coffee beans Daterra (2 x 250 GRAM) (£8.50)
    reviewed by i2idro

    Much like another here, came across Happy Donkey by chance and pricing made me think ... well lets give it a go! One 250 g down now, found easy to dial in, grind size a little courser 35 sec run with 25 sec pour a nice double shot with dark crema. Great in a flat white I generally drink but nice and smooth as American black using and Airopress. Will be back .... more power to you all at Happy Donkey!

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