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Motta Thermometer for Milk Foaming

Motta Thermometer for Milk Foaming

Motta thermometer is the essential barista tool for milk foaming. Coffee making made easier ! Accurate and reliable. Get instant flat white excellence !

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Motta Thermometer

Motta thermometer for foaming milk. Built with the Barista in mind. The face is 40mm in diameter. The total length is 140mm.Consequently it is ideal for small jugs. Typically 300 – 600ml.

However it is also suited to the 1 Litre jugs. Works well with domestic coffee machines. For instance on the Gaggia Classic with our steam wand upgrade.

How to use a Motta thermometer for foaming milk?

At the rear is a calibration nut. The stem accommodates the clip. The clip latches onto the jug. By squeezing the clip vertical adjustment is possible. The coffee machines steam pipe inserts into the milk. Steam is turned on.

Consequently the milk begins to heat. The needle on the dial moves. The green zone indicates the target temperature. 140 – 160 Fahrenheit. Best practice switch the steam off at 120 degrees. In other words power down early. This is because the milk will still be getting hotter. In the jug. The smaller the jug the more intense the heat will be. Relatively speaking.

How to foam milk without  a thermometer?

Foaming milk without a Motta thermometer is easy. This information is for display purposes only. Do not replicate this at home. It could prove dangerous. Do so at your own risk.

First of all it is possible. For example the jug can be held in the palm of the hand. Secondly steam from the coffee machine is inserted into the milk. When the jug becomes to hot to hold. The milk is ready! Most of all it is not an accurate method. It is improvisation should a milk thermometer not be present.

When to foam milk in coffee making?

Making good coffee. Involves a few variables. Milk foaming is a vital skill. An accurate Barista tool is needed. Enter the Motta thermometer ! Whilst new variations. Mostly with subtle changes. Evolve all the time. The core drinks remain the same. For example Cappuccino and Latte.

Milk foaming styles

Flat white needs milk. The clue is in the name ! However it’s a different kind of milk foaming to Cappuccino. Traditionally in coffee making milk was heated and stretched.

The objective being to get hot milk and foam together. When poured the milk and the foam would move as one. But the foam Would sit on top of the milk. As if it were a separate entity.

With a Latte milk was foamed in the same way. A spatula was help over the spout of the jug. This allowed the milk to flow into the drink. The flat white requires a milk consistency of gloss paint. No foam is required.  Consequently a vortex is created in the jug.

The milk is heated with little or no stretching at all. The Motta thermometer can be used in all scenarios. Remember to keep the coffee flowing nicely. Use Puly Caff powder to back flush the group heads. As well as adding to hot water in a bowl. Great for soak cleaning jugs and thermometers.

Motta milk thermometers are great because:

  1. Proven reliable technology
  2. Easy to read face
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Cheap to buy



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