Brazilian Fair Trade coffee beans Daterra (2 x 250 GRAM)

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Brazilian fair trade coffee. Ideal for the Gaggia Classic and Rancilio Silvia. Barista dream for domestic and commercial espresso machines alike.

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Brazilian Fair Trade coffee beans. This is for two bags of 250 Gram each. That’s right half a kilo of rich yet smooth espresso blend.

A true cup of romance the Brazilian really is a crowd pleaser. Most notably adored by the well heeled. For those who do not mind spending out on their coffee this should be on their radar.

Chocolate, Caramel and Toffee notes are all very easily obtainable. From any decent espresso machine and espresso grinder. Further experimentation will reveal other tastes and flavours.

So flexible is this blend that we often hear of long time customers discovering notes they hadn’t tasted before.

This Brazilian Fair Trade coffee is one everybody should try at least once. Few blends of coffee on earth are this flexible and rewarding.

Brazilian fair trade coffee – In use

The majority of people who buy this coffee drink two coffees per day. Break that down to four double shots and a bag a week seems about right.

For use with a cold brew 60 Grams with one Litre of water. Brewed in a Kinto cold brew jug for 48 hours is pure cold brew excellence.

The grind for cold brew can be the same as is used for espresso ! Life just couldn’t be any easier.

Want the wholesale box with the trade price? Get the Brazilian coffee blend bulk buy deal

The one people always come back to.

In the day and age where the world has become a smaller place. So the availability of coffees has grown.

Different varieties and blends all promising us a brand new beginning. A brave new world.

The reality often being far from that. Many customers have mentioned in the past how they have tried a whole

range of coffee. Only at the end of it to come right back to the beginning. Yes back to Brazilian Fair Trade coffee from Happy Donkey.

Most noteworthy with our trade customers is the volume they use always grows over time. The traders tell us the Brazilian coffee we supply creates regular customers.

Every day all over the country thousands of people start their day with our coffee. And what a way to start the day along with a tasty breakfast ! That’s living the dream.

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4 reviews for Brazilian Fair Trade coffee beans Daterra (2 x 250 GRAM)

  1. W Drabid

    I have a great relationship with this company since I buy the coffee. Every month 4 bags fresh and exciting flavour. Now my brother buys some. We love these coffee beans. My machine is sage pro and we give the Brazilian 5 stars ! thank you so much !

  2. Lauren Blaire

    This is now the only coffee for me, nothing else will do ! I realised this coffee almost by accident and I am so pleased. For me this is the ultimate, if you like a strong and smoothly rounded coffee this is it, really a 5 star deal. Thankyou happy donkey.

  3. Donald C

    This is the by far the best coffee I have tried in years. It’s fresh and strong. The lovely aroma you can smell all the way down the corridor. A real bargain we will be back !

  4. Joshua C

    Fishing around I have tried most coffee available. None work as well as this on my machine which is a sage barista pro. The crema, the taste, everything. My kitchen is a popular place !!

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