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Costa Rican beans 100% Arabica 2 x 250 Gram bags

Costa Rican beans 100% Arabica 2 x 250 Gram bags

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Smooth, clean and keen. The ever reliable sweet notes of this 100% arabica coffee will be pulling you back to the espresso machine for more ! Use any method you prefer.


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Costa Rican coffee beans are 100% Arabica single origin, originating from the central valley known for its remarkable sweet high notes and clean finish.

These beans offer a smooth and subtle taste with hidden notes throughout. They are perfect for creating a seductive Cappuccino. Using fourteen or more grams in a single or double filter basket and timing the pour for 25-35 seconds yields excellent results. This should produce two one-ounce shots. The espresso blends seamlessly with 10 ounces of foamed milk.

Those who persist in finding the right grind will be rewarded with one of the most soothing cups of coffee available. The refined nature of this coffee makes it difficult to get bored. Notably, a fast pour reveals tasty and interesting notes, showcasing its rare quality.

Costa Rican coffee beans are never bitter, making them ideal for all-day drinking. They are especially suitable for those who prefer a coffee without any hint of bitterness or a dark edge. When used to make Cappuccinos, Lattes, and flat whites, these beans truly shine. Pure espresso drinkers will enjoy sweet honey tones, progressing to malt and rye with a finer grind. It’s a single origin that truly stands out.

However, these beans are multi-talented! They are also perfect for fresh grinding when using Cafetieres, French presses, and filter machines. It’s important to learn how to maintain the coffee grinder blades in good condition. You can find information on keeping the coffee grinder blades clean on the Happy Donkey blog.

Costa Rican coffee beans are also ideal for filter coffee. Ground slightly coarser than for espresso, these beans offer a different experience altogether. When run through a traditional filter coffee machine, they produce a very smooth coffee with beautiful honey tones.

The smooth and clean finish provides a refreshing taste that is both unoffensive and entirely memorable. Simply pour one liter of mineral water over 60 grams of coffee for a delightful brew. For a stronger honey burst and a light peppery aftertaste, try using closer to 800ml of water with 60 grams of coffee. Costa Rican coffee beans are available in bulk buy deals.

Costa Rican beans are great when ground for:

  • Cappuccinos/Lattes/Flat Whites/Cordano
  • French Press/Cafetiere
  • Filter/pour-over methods
  • Moka Pot/Stovetop
  • Bean to Cup

1 review for Costa Rican beans 100% Arabica 2 x 250 Gram bags

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 bags of this and have finished 1 bag in less than a week. It’s lovely stuff. I’ve used for americano and flat whites and the flavour is definitely unique and never bitter, as it says in the description, no matter how slow the espresso pull is. It definitely has a sweeter taste than the usual coffee you find in espresso based drinks in the high street but this is refreshing. Haven’t tried the 20 second 2 ounce pull yet, but will be on my next bag.

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