Costa Rica

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Showing all 2 results

Fresh Roasted Costa Rica Coffee Beans in 250G bags. From the valley of honey. Comes the smoothest of 100% Arabicas there is.

The smoothest Cappuccino and Latte you have ever tasted. Use Costa Rica beans as a genuine all day drinking coffee.

Without a single hint of harsh or bitter notes. This single origin is guaranteed to please. Not an offensive note to be tasted here.

Most commonly associated with French Press, Cafetiere and Pour Over coffee. However using a fine grind the best taste is to be had using an espresso machine.

Whilst to drink as a pure espresso shot is an acquired taste. For Cappuccino,Latte and Flat white it certainly is not. Instant gratification is yours.Enlightening soft warm fruity and lightly toasted spice are all here.

Costa Rica Coffee Beans are the outright original classic. The original single origin with the most famous of tones. When it comes to class nothing beats it.