Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans 100% Arabica 2 x 250G lush blend.


Quote “I love this coffee. It is my favourite coffee on the planet which is wonderful but I am only ever disappointed now when I drink other coffee.

I would rather drink tea in coffee shops than sip vastly inferior blends. The Sumatran beans are rich yet gentle on your stomach, they are fragrant and silky, they tell a story.

This coffee is my friend. mmmmmmm” Freja Barry. Beautiful words.

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Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans blend. Sumatran coffee has a massive yet very subtle body.

An absolute temptress of a mega smooth coffee blend. The beauty really is in the detail and there’s a lot of it.

Sumatran Blue Lingtong is one of the best known top quality coffee beans.

It is Grown at high altitudes.  Consequently the flavour is somewhat unique and mystifying.

Expertly blended with two other beans from the region. Moreover the whole bag is 100% Arabica and 200% flavoursome !

Most importantly of all is the consistency which is good for such a complex blend.

Use this coffee to make a milk drink and discover a new kind of beautiful. The nuances are obvious and many. Fruit and chocolate being the main two here.

Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans – A journey in a cup.

There are more to be discovered. Above all, subtle changes in grind consequently reveal various high notes in different strengths.

Whilst this is a medium dark roast it still gives the real taste of coffee.

A clean and thoroughly pleasant coffee in every way. Sumatran Mocha is a treasure to behold.

For espresso drinkers this will give something different. However the best notes are achieved in milk based drinks.

The usual suspects will make knock out coffee drinks like Cappuccino, Latte and flat white.

The coffee is strong enough to cut through 10 Ounces of milk with a double shot.

A 12 ounce Cappuccino made with Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans is a memorable experience. One you will want revisit time and time again.

Filter and Moka pot

Grinding Sumatran mocha coffee beans a bit coarser will make for a great filter or pour over coffee.

Fill a Moka pot chamber and cook it for a very pleasant smooth and rounded cup.

Serve with biscuits as simple as digestives and grow instant fans of this fantastic 100% Arabica blend.

Recently this blend has grown massively in popularity. Buy some today and be prepared to be impressed.

In conclusion if the requirement is for a smooth coffee full of all inspiring subtle notes, this is it.


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