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Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans 100% Arabica 2 x 250G lush blend

Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans 100% Arabica 2 x 250G lush blend

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Sumatra Mocha. The famous blue Lingtong 100% arabica blend fresh roasted coffee beans from Happy Donkey.


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Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans blend.

Sumatran coffee presents a significant yet delicately nuanced body, making it an irresistible and remarkably smooth blend. The true beauty lies in the intricate details that abound.

Among the most renowned top-quality coffee beans, Sumatran Blue Lingtong thrives at high altitudes, resulting in a flavour that is truly distinctive and enigmatic.

Meticulously blended with two other beans from the same region, this coffee blend is 100% Arabica and 200% flavourful! Notably, it maintains remarkable consistency despite its complex composition, making it the fastest-growing coffee in the Happy Donkey online shop.

Best used – Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans

Indulge in the creation of milk-based drinks with this coffee and uncover a new realm of exquisite flavors. The array of nuances is both abundant and evident, with fruit and chocolate taking center stage. If you’re a devoted Sumatran coffee enthusiast who frequently employs a coffee maker, why not opt for the bulk box trade deal on Sumatran coffee beans?

Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans – A journey in a cup.

Above all, subtle adjustments in the grind reveal various high notes, dependent on the desired strength, due to the bold nature of this coffee. The medium-dark roast truly unveils the authentic taste of coffee.

This coffee delivers a clean and thoroughly delightful experience in every aspect. Sumatran Mocha is a treasure to be cherished. While it provides a distinct experience for espresso aficionados, its true essence is revealed in milk-based drinks. Expect knockout coffee beverages like Cappuccino, Latte, and Flat White.

The strength of this coffee is ample enough to cut through 10 ounces of milk with a double shot. A 12-ounce Cappuccino crafted with Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans is an unforgettable encounter, one that you’ll wish to relive time and time again.

A quote from Freja Barry says it all: “I love this coffee. It is my favorite coffee on the planet, which is wonderful, but I am only ever disappointed now when I drink other coffee. I would rather drink tea in coffee shops than sip vastly inferior blends. The Sumatran beans are rich yet gentle on your stomach, they are fragrant and silky, they tell a story. This coffee is my friend. mmmmmmm.” These beautiful words capture the essence of this exceptional blend.

Filter and Moka pot

For an excellent filter or pour-over coffee, grind the Sumatran mocha coffee beans a bit coarser. Fill a Moka pot chamber and prepare a pleasantly smooth and well-rounded cup. Serve it alongside simple biscuits like digestives, and you’ll quickly gain instant fans of this fantastic 100% Arabica blend.

This blend has experienced tremendous growth in popularity recently. Don’t miss out—purchase it today and prepare to be impressed. In conclusion, if you seek a smooth coffee packed with inspiring subtle notes, look no further. And remember, if you desire the box, you can find it here: Sumatran Mocha.

In conclusion, Sumatran Mocha beans work exceptionally well when ground for:

Cappuccino Latte Flat White Moka pot/Stovetop coffee maker Filter method Bean-to-cup machines

1 review for Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans 100% Arabica 2 x 250G lush blend

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    Another lovely blend. Nice and strong like the Italian blend, with a bit of a twist. Can really taste the liquorice when grinding a bit coarser. Beautiful taste.

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