Moka pot coffee maker stove top – stainless steel.

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Buy a stainless Moka pot from Happy Donkey. Make beautiful aromatic coffee. Fill the house with love. Works on gas and electric hobs. Made in Italy ! Makes for a fantastic gift for the coffee lover in your life.

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Moka pot coffee maker.

Extremely efficient and fast to heat. This Italian genie is beautiful to look at too.

Because it is stainless steel it will work with both electric and gas hobs.

Easy to clean and use find out more about this fantastic product on the coffee blog

The  coffee maker will produce 4 x espresso size coffee shots. That’s approximately 120mm. You can use it to make less if you so wish.

Works well with a massive range of coffee including all blends and origins sold by Happy Donkey. Easy to use and easy to clean. Quick to set up.

For many this coffee making method would have been their introduction to the coffee universe.

Stronger beverages than a French Press would give. Powerful yet sweet, it’ hard to go wrong with one of these in your arsenal.

Why not partner it with some fantastic Fair trade Brazilian coffee beans.

Image displaying alternative view of the moka pot coffee maker
Moka pot alternative view
Image displaying the internals of the moka pot
Inside the moka pot


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