Cold Coffee Making

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Showing all 3 results

Cold coffee making results in a completely different taste.

Those who have tasted coffee which has gone cold. Having been made from other methods may think it tastes horrible. It does.

Step into the world of the cold coffee brewer.  Discover a completely new outlook and add a new dimension. A new taste from any coffee blend.

Add cream to the cold brew coffee

Add cold brewed coffee to ice and cream. Discover something rather special. Use carnation milk whipped with a whisk and feel heaven. Mix with ice and Arla dairy free milk for a healthy surprise.

It’s good fun. Making cold brew is cheap and very easy to do. Use a Kinto jug and some Happy Donkey cold brew java. See how it is done make perfect cold brew

Splash out on an Artemis mixer. Make a whole variety of off shoot. Create, make and impress. Coffee in summer has never been so much fun.

Judge your own work

The drinks available pre-made in shops. Without being disrespectful, they are half of what can be made with a Kinto jug and Java Plus.

It is one of those genres of coffee making where bring your own cannot be beaten. If you are currently a lover of Happy Donkey Brazilian try 60 Grams of that in a Kinto. 24 hours later the the proof will be in the cup.

So many doubters are now dedicated drinkers. One thing we did find is strong coffee makes great cold brew. Light roast simply will not cut it.