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Puly Blindy 58mm Back Flushing Cleaning basket

Puly Blindy 58mm Back Flushing Cleaning basket

Puly Blindy. The best backflush basket. Fits the Gaggia classic. Iberital and Expobar machines. Deep coffee cleaning is possible with this simple but powerful barista tool.

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Puly Blindy. The best back flushing basket. Deep and powerful.  For a solid return of pressure.  Quality coffee makers use no other. Internally a diameter ring is marked. The ring helps with free pouring of Puly Caff Powder The correct amount per back flush is 3 Grams.

The line is used as a border. To measure the powder. Commercial coffee machines can be cleaned in this way. However lever pull machines cannot. Because they are different.

Puly Blindy fitment

Fits most commercial espresso machines. For example Expobar, Faema, Gaggia and Iberital. It does not fit San Marco or La Spaziale models.

Domestic cleaning use

People use the Puly Blindy to backflush domestic coffee machines. For example the Gaggia Classic and Rancilio Silvia. Cleaning using the famous technique is very thorough. Seeing the mess come out of the machine is reassuring. Because it’s better out than in.

Cleanliness is next to godliness they say. Well it certainly makes for a great espresso. That we know well ! For instance make a lovely coffee using Happy Donkey Sumatran Coffee Beans . Repeat every day for a week. If the machine is clean, fantastic. Great coffee is yours with ease.

The beautiful warm and relaxing Arabica blend results in just the best drink. However  if you fail to back flush, every week the tannin will build up. Consequently the coffee maker begins to produce less of a coffee.

How often should I backflush?

Because tannin builds up daily.  It is a good idea to back flush daily. A 20 second flush with just normal water works well. It also heats up the internal parts of the coffee maker. Consequently the first espresso of the day is better. Then once a week use the Puly Caff Powder.

Further reading is available on Happy Bloggy How to backflush an espresso machine .


  • Best in class
  • Famous Puly Brand
  • Deep cleaning for a power back flush
  • internal measurement guide




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