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Calcinet the scale remover for espresso coffee machines. Commercial dishwashers. Heavy duty crystals for hard to break down scale situations. Wear safety gloves and goggles in use. Operate in a well ventilated area. Best used out of doors.

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Calcinet scale remover comes in crystal form. A very strong robust solution for breaking down limescale. Best suited to commercial coffee machines. Also industrial applications for example dishwashers.

Can be used with domestic products in general.  However please remember this De-scaler is powerful. Because the product is so strong, it should not be left  in domestic appliances for too long. Always wear protective gloves and goggles when in use. If possible use outdoors. Alternatively ensure the space is well ventilated.

In other words Calcinet stinks and the fumes can be over whelming. you have been warned ! Read more about De-scaler on the Happy Donkey coffee blog.

Calcinet scale remover- Instructions for use:

  1. Dissolve two tablespoons in three pints of warm water.  Stir until all crystals are dissolved. The product is ready for use.
  2. Calcinet can be used to descale filter coffee machine elements. Water boilers and  commercial catering equipment.
  3. Always flush heavily everything with cold water afterwards.

Why is descaling coffee machines so important?

Removing scale from a coffee machine  is crucial for both its reliability and quality of output. Having a clear cleaning routine also results in better espresso. So it’s incredibly important to get it right. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Importance of reliability

Limescale deposits have a significant impact on the performance of an espresso machine. Even the best coffee beans in the world will not change that.

For commercial coffee machines there are pinch points where scale can gather. Solenoid valves for instance as well as the lower boiler pipes.

Because this is typical it can be easy to pinpoint a blockage. It is good practice to remove solenoids and descale them every so often. Commercial coffee machine descaler can certainly help with that !

Other areas for example the tips of water taps. Also the surrounds on sinks both domestic and commercial. These are all areas where scale will build up. Creating solution in a receptacle and applying with a paintbrush is effective.

All the best espresso cleaning products can be found in the shop. Owners of domestic machines looking for something less powerful than Calcinet scale remover for instance. Should have a look at domestic coffee machine descaler.



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