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Puly Cleaner also known as Puly Baby. Call it what you want. UK no.1 effective domestic coffee and espresso machine descaler. Throw some in your kettle and watch the magic happen.

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Puly Cleaner aka Puly Baby. Price shown is for 10 x sachets of the famous domestic coffee machine descaler. Each sachet contains 25 Grams of powder.

Puly Baby descaler was specifically formulated  to descale domestic espresso machines. As well as most hand fill coffee machines. It works extremely well on kettles too.

Puly Cleaner is not a purely citrus based descaler, there are chemical additives too. In combination these make for a very effective lime scale defence solution.

One which is not too powerful. Or too weak ! We suggest wearing protective gloves when handling any descaler powder such as puly baby.

Puly Cleaner works fine on Aluminium boilers. So long as  it is not left in for too long.  The suggested amount of time is no longer than 20 minutes.

Puly Cleaner – Instructions for use

  1. Dissolve contents of sachet into 3 pints of warm water.
  2. Stir to dissolve.  Pour contents into the coffee machine.
  3. Turn the coffee machine on and run water through until white frothy descaler can be seen.
  4. Leave to soak for twenty minutes then run the remaining descaler through the coffee machine.
  5. Rinse Puly Cleaner out by running through three more jugs of fresh cold water.

Handy Hint

If there is doubt that all the descaler has been removed, add milk to the water, if it curdles flush further. Read and see more about descaler on the Happy Donkey coffee blog

How often does an espresso machine need to be descaled?

A common question. For most domestic espresso machines once a month. This makes the presumption of daily use as well as an average hard water supply. Because every water supply is different the effect of water hardness differs.

A coffee machine run on London water would scale up far quicker than that in the lake district for instance. That is because the water in london is as hard a nails.

If the water intake pipe is accessible domestic water filters are an excellent investment. Puly cleaner is a great help in combatting scale however using a filter changed once a month helps even more. It’s all about prevention which is better than cure !

The added benefit is the filtration of bacteria and foreign bodies in the water. These could be thing not visible to the human eye.

The more tools we use against scale formation the easier it is to run an espresso machine. Because Limescale is the most prolific cause of coffee machine breakdown.

Puly Cleaner – heritage you can trust.

Puly Cleaner comes as part of a tried and trusted range. Dedicated espresso cleaning products which are industry standard.

There is no better group of products out there. The purest fastest dissolving powders and tablets on earth. A history of faultless manufacture evolved from constant and persistent research and analasys.

Take for instance Puly Caff Back flushing powder . Numero uno from day one. Always was and still is the best.

Used worldwide in every coffee outlet worthy of note. Day in day out the cleaning abilities of these products enable better coffee.

Better tasting with great aroma. And machines running well as a consequence. For a domestic machine for instance there’s the backflushing sachets. Small pre-measured levels of cleaning powder in handy organised packets.


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