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Coffee Knock box by Crema Pro, options.

Coffee Knock box by Crema Pro, options.

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The crema pro domestic coffee knock box. The best design espresso machine accessory. Available in two sizes ideal for home use coffee making and light commercial alike.


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What is a domestic coffee knock box?

The domestic coffee knock box is an item used to dump spent coffee ground into. Typically it is size which decides the one to buy. The purpose is to provide an alternative to using the waste bin. For home use coffee making,  smaller boxes are ideal. Because the footprint is very small they fit well.  For example the 110mm version works in small modern kitchens, found in new build flats.

Crema Pro  – The two sizes available

Firstly there is the 110mm model. It’s so cute! This will fit almost anywhere. The volume of the box is tiny. Therefore this would suit someone who drinks just one or two coffee drinks per day. It is good practice to empty the domestic coffee knock box regularly. This size encourages that.

Secondly is the 175mm version. This is bigger and therefore more substantial. The box will accept a fair few used coffee grounds from an espresso machine.

This could also be used to tap stove top inserts into.  The bigger version is popular with commercial users too. This is primarily because the Crema Pro boxes are tough. They are easy to move around in a busy coffee shop and cheap to replace.

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Characteristics of the Crema Pro domestic coffee knock box.

Based on research by Happy Donkey, as well as personal experience, we came up with this list:

  1. Tough and durable. Yes both sizes are as tough as they come. They are very hard wearing. Some commercial vendors still use their original 175mm versions. Ten years after their first use!
  2. Dishwasher friendly and easy to clean.
  3. Made from polypropylene with rubber base to protect work tops and surface.
  4. Tough yet also lightweight. 175 mm versions weighs 400 Grams, 110mm version weighs 300 Grams. Therefore totally portable.
  5. Stainless steel knock bar with a rubber surround.
  6. Designed in Australia.
  7. Retail boxed therefore perfect as a Birthday or Christmas present for the coffee making person in your life.

How the domestic coffee knock box helps you.

As a Barista making coffee be it domestic or commercial, one thing is for certain. Coffee making is messy. A domestic coffee knock box will help with organising the work space. An alternative example of a knock box would be the waste bin. Not ideal. As well a not being made for the job, bins are not hygienic. Something we all need to focus on.

A design specific coffee accessory is needed. The coffee knock box prevents unsightly drips on the counter. This is because both sizes are light and portable. It is easy to locate the box very close to the espresso machine. It also gives a professional designer look.


The Crema pro domestic coffee knock box is a range of items Happy Donkey is proud to supply. Since 2006 many have gone out the door. Never has one ever been returned. It is as close to the perfect coffee making accessory as you will ever get. Because the product is so well made and designed, there is no room for complaint.

The two sizes available serve to help a wide range of applications from the home user to the busy coffee professional. Because of the durability these are ideal for mobile espresso units too. In conclusion you cannot go wrong with this as part of our range in coffee accessories. Part of our ever expanding knock drawers and bars range.

Dimensions (approximate)

Standard box: Height 178mm (7 Inches), Base diameter 159mm (6.5 inches), Top diameter 112mm.
Small box: Height 110mm, Base diameter 115mm, Top diameter 107mm.

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110mm, 175mm

1 review for Coffee Knock box by Crema Pro, options.

  1. Jason Smith

    Absolutely brilliant piece of kit for the counter top next to my Gaggia Classic. Takes a good wack from the porta filter and is very stable. Still like new after a couple of years. Highly recommended

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