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Decaf 1 x 500G Peruvian/Columbian/Brazilian Decaffeinated Coffee Beans.

Decaf 1 x 500G Peruvian/Columbian/Brazilian Decaffeinated Coffee Beans.

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Decaffeinated coffee beans drink all day and sleep all night ! Tasty 100% arabica coffee blend just with a lot less caffeine. Flexible and nutty flavoured.


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Introducing our Decaffeinated Coffee Beans: A Delightful Caffeine-Free Option

For those seeking a delicious cup of coffee without the caffeine rush, our decaffeinated coffee beans are the perfect choice. Carefully packed in 500g bags, these beans are designed to satisfy even the most discerning decaf drinker. Grown in the scenic foothills of the Andes, these beans boast a lovely pure Arabica blend.

The Andes, stretching along the borders of seven South American countries, including Peru, is the highest mountain range outside of Asia. The region’s climate is ideal for producing exceptional coffee, resulting in some truly stunning flavours.

Our decaffeinated coffee beans are not only tasty but also offer a smooth and well-rounded nutty flavour, characteristic of our 100% Arabica blend. Experience the genuine dimensions and true essence of coffee in every sip. It’s the perfect choice for all-day drinking.

With the best qualities of Colombian and Peruvian coffee flavours, our beverage truly excels. The presence of Peruvian qualities throughout the blend is evident and adds to the overall richness. We also offer the option of purchasing our decaffeinated coffee beans in larger quantities of 6 kilos (12 x 500g bags) at a slightly reduced price, available upon request.

Our decaffeinated coffee beans are also an excellent choice for iced and cold brew coffee drinks. Don’t miss out on the fantastic blend of coffee beans that make our beverages taste just as good as “real coffee.” Many loyal customers regularly purchase this coffee, attesting to its quality and taste. It’s often accompanied by our popular Happy Donkey Classic Italian coffee bean blend.

A Look Back in Time

When Happy Donkey emerged on the internet back in 2004, decaffeinated coffee beans were considered unusual. At our headquarters, serious discussions were underway to address the needs of decaf enthusiasts who struggled to find a decent blend, especially for espresso.

From Research to Production

After extensive research and numerous trials, we began shipping coffee to our trusted friends at Happy Donkey for their feedback. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Initially, our coffee was sourced from a single origin, pure Colombian beans, which sufficed for many years.

A Shift in Focus: Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

In 2018, the ownership of the fields where our coffee had been cultivated for years changed hands. The farm underwent significant changes, with “alternative crops” replacing coffee. This sudden development necessitated a reinvention of our offerings.

Espresso enthusiasts may recall that our decaffeinated coffee beans were temporarily unavailable for ten weeks. Behind the scenes, our master Decaf roaster, Jakob, diligently sought an alternative. It was a daunting yet exciting journey.

Creating the Perfect Blend for Espresso

Embracing this new era, we adopted a heightened level of ambition. We recognized that a decaf blend could yield an exceptional espresso shot. The result was a harmonious combination of Peruvian and Brazilian beans, blended with a neighboring Colombian variety. While still sourced from the same region, the Colombian beans showcased unique characteristics.

The outcome was a bold and remarkable coffee that stood on its own merits. The perfectly blended bag of decaffeinated coffee beans delighted coffee lovers across the spectrum, from Latte and Flat White enthusiasts to those seeking the perfect Cappuccino, espresso, or cold brew. The rest, as they say, is history. Enjoy!


Decaf coffee beans are ideal for grinding in the following ways:

  • Espresso-based drinks like Cappuccino, Latte, and Flat White
  • Moka Pot and Stovetop coffee makers
  • French Press and Cafetiere
  • Bean to Cup machines

1 review for Decaf 1 x 500G Peruvian/Columbian/Brazilian Decaffeinated Coffee Beans.

  1. Paul

    Got a batch of these with one of my purchases made on the website. Fantastic blend!

    The taste is very sweet and well balanced.

    Very rich notes of chocolate and low acidity. Loads of crema.
    Highly recommended to anyone who’s just bough their first proper espresso machine!

    Love Happy Donkey for their level of expertise and dedication!

    Many thanks for your stellar work!

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