Decaff 1 x 500G Peruvian/Columbian/Brazilian decaffeinated coffee beans.


Decaffeinated coffee beans drink all day and sleep all night ! Tasty 100% arabica coffee blend just with a lot less caffeiene. Flexible and nutty flavoured.

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Decaffeinated coffee beans for those who want to drink a nice coffee. Without the caffeine rush.

Packed in 5000G bags. These beans are sure to satisfy the  most demanding Decaff drinker.  A lovely pure Arabica bean which is grown in the foothills of the Andes.

The Andes run along the borders of seven south American countries including Peru. It’s the highest mountain range outside of Asia.

The climate lends itself well to produce some stunning coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee beans – very tasty.

This 100% Arabica blend has a smooth and well rounded nutty flavour. The real taste of coffee with genuine dimensions.

Perfect for all day drinking.  The beverage benefits from the best of the Colombian and Peruvian coffee flavours.

The Peruvian qualities are evident and many throughout the beverage.

Also available in 6 kilo quantities (12 x 500G bags) at a slightly reduced price. Which is available on request.

Decaffeinated coffee beans also work well for iced and cold brew coffee drinks. Don’t let this one pass you buy.

Because of the fantastic blend of coffee beans. The drinks taste every bit as good as ‘real coffee’.

Those who buy this coffee do so on a regular basis. They can’t all be wrong !

Often this coffee blend is bought alongside Happy Donkey Classic Italian coffee bean blend

In years gone by.

Way back in 2004 when Happy Donkey emerged on the internet things were very different.

Decaffeinated coffee beans were seen as something odd.

Meanwhile back at our HQ some serious meetings were underway.

How could we get those who wanted a good Decaff what they really wanted?

People we had spoken to from all over the country told us the same thing.

It was hard to buy a decent blend anywhere. Especially for espresso.


From research to bag.

After a lot of hard work and initial head scratching trials began.

Shipping out coffee to some very dear friends of Happy Donkey to try.

The feedback was pretty good. At the time the coffee was single origin.

A pure Colombian. For many years the Columbian single origin sufficed.

A change of direction – Decaffeinated coffee beans.

In 2018 the fields the coffee had grown in for so long changed ownership.

The entire farm was taken over and ‘alternative crops’ were planted.

At very short notice the offering needed re-invention.

Espresso people may remember that for ten weeks our Decaffeinated coffee beans were not here to buy.

In the background master Decaff roaster Jakob was hard at work finding an alternative.

It was scary yet exciting at the same time.

Blend that coffee for the best espresso !

Because it was a new dawn a new level of ambition was adopted.

Could it really be that a great espresso shot could be had from a Decaff blend?

Well why not? The answer was yes.

In conclusion the Peruvian and the Brazilian was blended with a nearby Columbian.

The Columbian was still from the same region. However definitely different.

The result was a strong coffee. A great coffee in it’s own right.

Consequently the perfectly blended bag worked all across the beverage range.

From Latte and Flat White. Cappuccino to espresso and even when properly cold brewed.

The new Happy Donkey blend shone. The rest is history ! Enjoy !

Need a coffee grinder just for Decaffeinated coffee?

Why not read up on the Iberital MC2

It’s a great contender for the job. Please note packaging may differ from that shown.









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