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Puly Caff Trade Deal 1 – 6 x 900G Options.

Puly Caff Trade Deal 1 – 6 x 900G Options.

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Cheap Puly Caff ? Buy Puly caff trade deal get six 900 Gram size tubs or more at a time. Run out less often.  Smart traders buy their Puly this way and never look back. Get the fastest dissolving at the best price.


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Puly Caff  Trade deal. This offer is for 6 x Puly Caff 900 Gram tubs at a discount price. Also now included is the option to buy a single tub of powder. Domestic users may wish to choose the organised version. Yes also available as a box of 10 sachets.

Puly Caff powder. Since 1961. The first and the best. The Industry standard for group head cleaning. The fastest dissolving cleaning detergent on earth.  Used to clean group heads of coffee machines. Essential to get the most out of the coffee beans. It is non Hazardous. Meets and beats NSF standards. The fastest dissolving coffee cleaning powder in the world.

What Puly Caff is used for. The ultimate coffee cleaning product.

Puly Caff removes all the gunk and tannin that espresso drinks leave behind. Bang in the internals of the coffee machine. Buy the Puly caff trade deal. Be surprised how dirty the inside of the coffee machine was. Looking at the colour of the foam that comes out. Do not use an espresso machine without it.

Use in conjunction with a group head cleaning brush. To back flush also purchase a Puly Blindy Basket. Use Puly Caff trade to soak your filter holder handles and coffee baskets overnight. Rinse them out with water afterwards for a good as new look. Read the Happy Donkey guide to back Flushing on the coffee blog

Clean and win. Puly Caff Powder

Back flush with Puly Caff powder has three wins:

  1. Better tasting espresso from Happy Donkey coffee beans.
  2. Better Aroma.
  3. Cleaner tannin free pipes. Consequently better heat transfer. Resulting with a better Crema layer !

Simply the best.

As simple as it sounds. back flushing might be a confusing topic for coffee makers.

  1. What qualifies as a clean machine and what doesn’t?
  2. How often should we be cleaning espresso machines?
  3. What about keeping milk jugs and thermometers clean?
  4. And, can you clean without the use of the powder?

Let’s dive in! A clean machine sparkles inside and out. It needs to run clear water when back flushed. Further more detailed  information read the backflush espresso machine how to. Baristas must clean espresso machines every day. Coffee accessories can be soaked in hot water. Mixed with dissolved Puly Caff powder.

Machines can be cleaned with water alone first thing every day. This works well. If the water from the flush is clear then it is usually clean. However it will not stay that way for long without using Puly.

Which coffee machines?

Designed to use with Coffee machine three way solenoids. Almost all commercial machines use a 3 way  group solenoid. Domestic machines  Gaggia Classic and Rancilio Silvia also have three way solenoids. All the standard makes about use Puly like La Spaziale, Iberital, Expobar, Astoria, Costa and so on. For a bean to cup machine use Puly Milk.

Clean machines are happy machines !

Remember no matter how much is purchased at a time. The carriage fee is the same. For best value consider buying two of these and receive one box full. Display some on a shelf in view of the public. Show them the coffee machine is well cared for and maintained. All with the best coffee cleaning products money can buy.

Non hazardous and environmentally friendly. Use Puly Caff trade as part of the companies best practice policy.

“We back flush both machines , soak our portafilters over night every night.

Clean the filter baskets with it. At the end of every busy session we dissolve

some in hot water and wipe the machines and surfaces down with it.

I don’t know what we would do without puly caff trade”

Eileen P, Manager  from The Hotel on the Bridge.

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Single Tub, Trade Deal 6 Tubs.

1 review for Puly Caff Trade Deal 1 – 6 x 900G Options.

  1. Best Bagels

    works well, as advised we use this once a week for back flushing the machines heads and we use water every day in the morning to get the machine ready for the day

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