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Coffee Cleaning Tablets – Bean to Cup.

Coffee Cleaning Tablets – Bean to Cup.

Coffee cleaning tablets. Industry standard bean to cup tabs. Food safe, design specific, fastest dissolving product. Various sizes for different machines.


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What are coffee cleaning tablets?

First of all coffee cleaning tablets are for automatic machines. In other words bean to cup coffee models. Specially formulated tablets are needed for the job. Puly make the best on the market. The tablets dissolve inside the machine and rid it of tannin.

Because otherwise tannin can dry hard and end up in coffee. Consequently the coffee develops a bitter twang. The aroma is affected negatively. It is also believed build up may hinder machine temperature. Failure to clean will cause detrimental effects in time. In this instance, more ways than one.

Imagine a bean to cup machine. Coffee beans are ground. The ground coffee is met with very hot water. Out comes the beautiful espresso. But what is left behind in the coffee machine? Tannin, is the answer. Tannin is your enemy as a coffee maker, it needs to be dealt with. In other words you need coffee cleaning tablets.

What size coffee cleaning tablets are available?

Because there are many bean to cups there are different sizes of tablets ! no need to be confused though ! Here’s the handy guide to coffee cleaning tablets:

  1.  Yellow tub. Smallest. 70 x 0.5 Gram. These are weeny and for home use machines. Coffee makers sometimes prefer these if more frequent than usual cleaning cycles are performed on light commercial machines.
  2. Green tub. Small. 100 x 1 Gram tabs. Twice the size of the  small coffee  cleaning tablets. Used on small light commercial models. Brand names such as Jura, Franke, Darenth and SoPure Bean to Cup coffee machines.
  3. Red tub. Medium.  100 x 1.35 Gram tabs. A powerful sized tablet for mostly medium sized models. For example Franke, WMF, SoPure, Jura, Darenth  and Rhea.
  4. Blue tub. Large 60 x 2.5 Gram tabs. the biggest in the coffee cleaning tablets family. Ideal for large bean to cup coffee machines. The size you see in petrol garages. Brands such as Brasilia, Rhea and Cimbali.

In conclusion

Puly caff coffee cleaning tablets are the best because:

  1. They are the fastest dissolving available.
  2. Recognised as the industry standard. Best and most effective tabs.
  3. Manufactured by a ‘coffee cleaning only’ company in strict conditions.
  4. Non Hazardous and food safe.
  5. Compliant with the highest standards.

The size of tablet required is defines by the size of the slot on the machine. This is somewhat flexible. For example it is possible to break the tablets down should the choice you make be too big for the slot. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations and cleaning instructions. Because failing to do so could be void of warranty.

Some home baristas choose to use tablets for back flushing their domestic espresso machines. This we are told works. However  Puly Caff Powder  should be used in that scenario.  Further reading and information is available on the Happy Donkey blog. Because hygiene is so important why not see our range of espresso cleaning products?


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Yellow tub 70 x 0.5 Gram, Green Tub 100 x 1 Gram, Red tub 100 x 1.35 Gram, Blue Tub 60 x 2.5 Gram


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