Brita Purity C head

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Brita Purity C head with fixed 30% bypass valve fitted as standard. Cheap to buy, easy to fit, match this to any Purity cartridge and be rock and roll in no time at all.

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Brita purity head with a 30% bypass level.

First of all this head fits all Purity C filter cartridges. Easily step up or down in size of Brita filter cartridge. Purchase of another head is not necessary.

The Brita purity head bypass means that 30% of the water is not filtered. This is considered as an acceptable standard level of filtration.  Consequently most commercial coffee machine owners use this head.

The head features an easy flush valve. The Button can be seen on the top.

This enables the filter to be flushed before use.  With the mains only pipe connected and a bucket or sink ready at the other end. We suggest doing this for 5 minutes or so.

Sediment will be sat in the filter which needs flushing through. The sediment is an after effect of manufacturing. This will be the case on any new filter cartridge.

The plastic lever on the head allows  changing of the filter cartridge. When in the open position.

All without the need to turn off the mains water. Though we suggest you do this as a precaution regardless.

Because water filtration is so important we encourage everyone to read more about coffee machine water filtration.


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