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Brita Purity C head, 30% or 0-70% bypass options.

Brita Purity C head, 30% or 0-70% bypass options.

Brita Purity C head with fixed or adjustable bypass valve fitted as standard. Cheap to buy, easy to fit, match this to any Purity cartridge and be rock and roll in no time at all.


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Brita purity head

Brita purity head available with two bypass types. A fixed 30% bypass valve or a manually adjustable bypass valve from 0 – 70%.

The head fits all sizes of water filter cartridges in the Purity C range. Therefore to step up or down in size is easy. Simply move the head from the old cartridge to the new.

Fitment is aided by the water cut off lever on the side of the head. A quick 180 degree turn switches the flow off with the hoses still attached. Purchase of new head is not necessary.

What does the bypass valve do?

The bypass valve on a Brita Purity head controls filtration percentage. In other words how much of the water is actually filtered. On a standard 30% bypass for instance 700ml of every 1 litre is filtered. The remaining 300ml is not. It bypasses the filter system. This is considered as an acceptable standard level of filtration. Consequently most commercial coffee machine owners use this head.

How does the easy flush valve help set up water filters?

The Brita Purity head contain an easy flush valve. By pressing the button the water exits the filter from the grey pipe.

The pipe is concealed inside the head and pulls out. Aimed a bucket the water should be run through the flush valve until it runs clear.

This enable the sediment present from manufacturer to be extracted. Once the sediment has gone it is safe to use the Brita for coffee machine filtration.

The adjustable version may have a slider instead of a button. The functionality is the same.

Further information based on research is available on the blog: read more about coffee machine water filtration.


  1. Fits all Purity filters
  2. Mega easy to use
  3. Easy isolation of water supply  for filter change
  4. Fixed or adjustable versions

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Standard 30%, Adjustable 0-70%


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