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Water filters for coffee machines. Brita. Options.

Water filters for coffee machines. Brita. Options.

Brita C50  to the C1100 big boy cartridge of the Purity C family. For high volume hard hitting filtration of water dependent on needs and local conditions. Get better and cleaner espresso.


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Do I need Water filters for coffee machines?

Water filters for coffee machines are an absolute must have. This is because water contains calcium and bacteria. It must be tackled. Left unfiltered water will build up scale inside the machine. The hardened scale consequently causes blockages. It is a fact this is the most common cause of espresso machine breakdown. Not only will scale cause breakdown, it can kill a machine altogether.

What do the cartridges filter?

The water filters for coffee machine we supply are the Brita brand. The reason these are supplied is simple. They work. Not only do Brita filters help reduce temporary hardness in the water. They also reduce lead, copper and chlorine. As well as many forms of bacteria.

The cartridges need a head to connect to. Once installed the cartridge is easy to change. The head does not need to be replaced, unless broken. Every Litre of water which passes through becomes less harmful in use. Brita filtration 4 stage model is proven technology.

Which size Brita filter should we buy?

The correct filter size will depend on the level of temporary hardness present in the water supply. The level of hardness and the volume of water used determine how long filtration is effective for. For example a Purity C500 cartridge will filter 4000 litres of water in an average area. However it will effectively filter 2000 Litres in a hard water area.

Therefore the length of time the filter lasts ultimately decides the best size to buy. The best way to gauge usage is by using a water hardness test kit. This kit will help to gain a true level of understanding regarding filtration needs. Testing will give evidence of the levels of harness present. Consequently the decision is made easier as a result.

Correct filtration means espresso machines live longer. Also helps to make better espresso.
Do not underestimate the importance of water quality in espresso. It’s is a mistake to ignore this advice.

Further information from research, instructions and a guide, can be found on the blog. Testing water for carbonate hardness.


As a very rough guide the following list demonstrates typical use and application.

Water filters for coffee machines. Cartridge size and typical application.

  1. Purity C50 – Small bean to cup or prosumer espresso machine.
  2. Purity C150 Small to Medium bean to cup or 1 group commercial espresso machine.
  3. Purity C300 Medium bean to cup or 1 group commercial espresso machine.
  4. Purity C500 Medium bean to cup or 2 group commercial espresso machine.
  5. Purity C1100 Medium to large bean to cup or busy 2 group commercial espresso machine. Also for a 3 group espresso machine as standard.


Additional information

Cartridge Size

C50, C150, C300, C500, C1100


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