10 X Domfilter In tank water filters.

£30.00 inc.Vat | £25.00 ex.VAT

Gaggia Classic water filter. Bulk pack  for domestic coffee machines like the Gaggia Classic, Rancilio Silvia, Iberital Hand fill coffee machine models.

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Gaggia classic water filter unit. Yes third party manufactured units. Readily available in the bulk pack of ten.

Filtration for domestic espresso coffee. Where there is access to the water inlet pipe a domfilter can be fitted.

Protection from limescale and impurities. Better tasting home coffee with an improved aroma. A little filter can go  long way.

Get the edge for making great home coffee. Keep the espresso machine in shape at the same time !

What a winner. Use these filters, a domestic espresso grinder and some fresh strong Italian coffee beans

Grind, filtrate, brew and serve. Sit back and enjoy the envy ! Because you can !

Gaggia classic water filter – application

The same resin beads found in top rated commercial filtration systems. In a mini unit !

Easy to fit and easy to use. Quoted as a maximum of 150 litres. Happy Donkey suggests use is limited to 50 Litres.

Extra read all about it in the Happy Donkey hand written water filtration article on happy bloggy

Once the basics of filtration are understood application is easy.

Can’t be bothered to read the article? Just buy these Gaggia classic water filter unit.  Change them every 3 months!

There is no magic water filtration silver bullet. There is only ever help. that is what Domfilters give you.

Filters water on other coffee machines too !

Take any domestic coffee machine where access to the water inlet pipe is available.

For instance the Expobar office Leva or the Brewtus, remember those?

The Gaggia Baby (most models, check first), the Iberital Hand fill machines. AKA the Iberital Handy.

The list goes on forever.  Because rest assured if the tank inlet pipe is available. The domfilter will work.

Please be aware at times the filter cases are white. More often they are clear.

It all depends what is available. The effect on the water for the coffee is the same !




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