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Classic Italian coffee beans 2 x 250G strong espresso blend.

Classic Italian coffee beans 2 x 250G strong espresso blend.

(11 customer reviews)

Italian coffee beans, available in two bags of 250 grams, offer an exquisite gourmet espresso blend. This flexible coffee boasts an outstanding Crema layer and a captivating aroma. The consistent perfect roast ensures a delightful experience. It is an ideal choice for beginners in the art of coffee making. Each cup is filled with a multitude of variants and nuances that delight the senses. To overlook this blend would truly be a missed opportunity.


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Happy Donkey beans are a blend of South American and African green beans, roasted in the traditional Italian style.

Our skilled roasters have expertly crafted a coffee blend that produces an outstanding Espresso. This coffee delivers a full-bodied flavor with a satisfying aftertaste and a first-class Crema. The Classic Italian blend is a superior Espresso blend that we highly recommend everyone to try. It is also available in trade volume 5-kilogram boxes.

Here’s what one of our valued customers, Peter, had to say: “I have recently tried many new and expensive coffees to compare them with the Happy Donkey brand, and I must say that in terms of taste alone, they don’t even come close to Happy Donkey’s standards!”

Our coffee beans take eight days to reach their peak maturity.

Happy Donkey Classic Italian coffee beans are carefully sealed in bags fitted with a one-way valve. This valve allows gases to escape from the beans while preventing air from entering the bag. Exposure to air causes coffee beans to go stale, and the oils evaporate at room temperature. With our one-way valve bags, the coffee can maintain its freshness and quality for up to one year without any degradation. We roast our coffee weekly, and it takes a week for the flavors to settle, reaching their best on the eighth day.

Happy Donkey Classic Italian coffee beans boast a strong and rich flavor that is universally loved. We have yet to come across anyone who doesn’t enjoy this blend. It would be nearly impossible to find better coffee for the price. Once opened, it is recommended to store the coffee in the refrigerator, preferably in a sealed container, and use a peg to reseal the top of the bag.

Italian coffee beans work exceptionally well with any espresso machine!

Whether you own a small or large espresso machine, regardless of the brand, our Italian coffee beans consistently deliver excellent results. Gaggia owners can be assured of guaranteed satisfaction, as one of the test machines for this blend was the Gaggia Baby, which shares the same ‘engine’ as the Classic.

During our testing, the original commercial espresso machine used was the Iberital L’anna, although it is no longer available. However, Italian coffee beans taste even better when brewed with the latest Gaggia espresso machines.

But it doesn’t stop there! For example, San Marco machines pull a great long black with this blend, and the Espresso Rosa, as well as the Gaggia and San Remo Cafe Racer Branded models, also showcase its brilliance.

For more testimonials and information, please visit our dedicated coffee blog, Happy Bloggy.

Italian beans are perfect for:

  • Espresso shots
  • Cappuccino/Latte
  • Flat White/Cordano (single shot)
  • Cold brew
  • Bean to cup

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11 reviews for Classic Italian coffee beans 2 x 250G strong espresso blend.

  1. Janet Taylor

    We use this with our DeLonghi machine, it works really well.

    We now get espresso the way it looks in the photos and my husband is pleased !

  2. Mattibeaut. (verified owner)

    I always come back to this coffee for my Sage Barista Pro coffee machine.

    Grinds well and makes a great espresso with a fab crema, good full body taste and has many different taste notes… I would say coffee shop quality coffee but this coffee is even better than any Iโ€™ve tried!

    If you appreciate a good no, great cup of coffee then give this blend a go you wonโ€™t be disappointed at all ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lisa (verified owner)

    Very happy with these beans. I use them with my Gaggia Classic, making espressos and then mixing with water to make an Americano. It has a very nice flavour and not at all bitter, can’t buy a nicer one at any chain coffee shop.

  4. Dainius Serelis (verified owner)

    Wow incredible smell of coffee used with delonghi machine and espresso tasted very well! Foam is excellent flavours as well.

  5. JB (verified owner)

    I’ve tried tons of espresso beans from well known online specialist suppliers. Still keep coming back to these. Great crema. Great aroma. Great taste. (Rocky grinder, Izzo Vivi E61 machine … in case anyone wants to know)

  6. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I recently acquired a Sage coffee machine and a Sage Grinder. Tried several coffees, including the regular favourite I had been using with my moka pot. Some were good, some were not so good, some were not to my taste. But none of them were like the capucinnos I recalled from Italian holidays. Until I tried the Classic Italian from Happy Donkey. Now my new favourite!

  7. Stephen Smith (verified owner)

    Lovely coffee beans. The best I’ve tried hands down. Better than the single origins I’ve tried, including from local roasters and at half the price! Poured my first decent latte art with these too, the crema is perfect.

  8. David (verified owner)

    Italian – Can’t go wrong, easy to work with giving consistent results in my case very and I mean very good flat white double shot drinks. I have paid double and over the price here for other’s blends and single source beans and the results obtained with a 35 second process from start to finish giving a 25 second actual pour on my machine … perfect! Continue the good work Happy Donkey! Cheers

  9. i2idro (verified owner)

    Best base every day / all day coffee at good price, very consistent results particularly if left 4 to 7 days after delivery when beans have gassed off after roasting. Giving great crema to top off a double shot 8oz flat white. All good from ordering to delivery to into the cup! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. George (verified owner)

    These are the go to and benchmark espresso beans. Tried quite a few suppliers over the years, gives consistent crema and taste and i never have to adjust grind on graef grinder set on 10. Next day delivery too.

  11. Nigel Hirst

    Good, but not as good… as it used to be. Sorry to say that since beloved Happy Donkey has been taken over, the coffee quality has declined significantly. For the first time in 10 years I am looking around…

    • cheryl s

      Hello Nigel, We are sorry to hear this. When Cool Beans took over Happy Donkey we did not change any of the blends of beans nor the packaging of the beans so maybe we need to do some investigating into this as it is the same coffee roasters that has been used for many years. The only thing that has changed is the boxes we have the pouches packed in. We appreciate your feedback

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