Classic Italian coffee beans 2 x 250G strong espresso blend.


Italian coffee beans two bags of 250 Grams espresso gourmet blend. A flexible coffee with outstanding Crema layer and killer aroma. Consistent perfect roast. Ideal for the beginner in coffee making. A dream for the experts to play with. Full of variants and nuances in every cup. To over look this blend is truly to miss out.

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Italian coffee beans. Happy Donkey beans are a blend of South American and African green beans roasted in the Italian way.

The blending skills of our roasters has enabled us to bring you a coffee that has produced a top rate Espresso.  Coffee that gives a full flavoured beverage with a good after taste. A first class Crema. A fine Espresso blend to be recommended for all to try.

Coffee takes 8 days to mature.

Firstly Happy Donkey Classic Italian coffee beans are sealed in bags fitted with a one way valve.

This enables the gases to escape from the beans whilst preventing any air from entering the bag itself.

Secondly coffee beans go stale when exposed to air and the oils evaporate at room temperature. With the one way valve bags the coffee will last for one year without degradation.

Most importantly this coffee is supplied having been roasted within seven days or less. Moreover the coffee takes a week to settle. The full flavour will only be realised on day eight.

Happy Donkey Classic Italian coffee beans have a strong and rich flavour. We have not come across anyone who does not like this blend. It would be impossible trying to source better coffee for the money.

Opened Coffee should always be stored in the fridge. Preferably in a sealed container with a peg used to reseal the top of the bag once opened.

Italian coffee beans work with any espresso machine !

Regardless of size and brand of espresso machine the Italian coffee beans always give a good result. Therefore home users with a Gaggia espresso machine like the classic happiness is guaranteed.

On of the testing machines for this blend was indeed a Gaggia Baby, that has the same ‘engine’ as the Classic. The commercial espresso machine used was an Iberital Lanna.

Sadly the Lannas have gone. But the Italian coffee beans taste as good if not better in the Iberital latest machines because the pipework is similar.

Machines like the IB7, New Ladri and expression love and instantly work well with Happy Donkey classic Italian.

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