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(5 customer reviews)

Trade price Italian coffee beans. Get the world famous bulk buy box of love. The real taste of coffee right here, gourmet quality at an affordable price.


6 in stock (can be backordered)



Trade price Italian coffee beans are available in a convenient bulk buy option, with twenty bags of 250 grams each packed in a box. These beans are highly favoured by baristas for their quality and loved by customers for their delightful taste.

Despite the affordable price, our classic Italian blend is strictly grade A, ensuring that there is no compromise on quality. We take pride in delivering freshness, as these beans are roasted weekly, guaranteeing that they are always seven days fresh.

The blend consists of four carefully selected beans that consistently produce the desired attributes sought after by discerning coffee enthusiasts. It is a versatile espresso blend, making it suitable for creating various drinks such as Espresso, Latte, and Cappuccino with ease. This blend has become a trusted choice for many, earning a reputation as a fantastic all-rounder that keeps customers coming back for more. It delivers excellent results on any espresso machine, making it ideal for any retail setting.

Our trade price Italian coffee beans offer a strong yet never offensive flavour profile, ensuring satisfaction in any coffee experience. In fact, The Guardian Newspaper recognised us as one of the best places to buy coffee online in the UK, further affirming our commitment to quality.

If you’re a proud owner of a domestic espresso machine, we also offer the Italian espresso blend in a 2 x 250g package, perfect for your brewing needs.

It is worth noting that our trade price Italian coffee beans have been recently nominated for multiple national awards, a testament to their exceptional quality. When you taste this blend, you’ll understand why it surpasses expectations.

Imagine taking a sip of your favorite coffee at a high street coffee house and amplifying the quality. That’s what you get with Happy Donkey Classic trade price Italian coffee beans—an unbeatable coffee experience that captures the true essence of coffee in the real world.

From London to Spain, the Netherlands, and beyond, our coffee is enjoyed and served fresh every week throughout Europe. For further information and customer feedback on both smaller volumes and bulk purchases, please visit our coffee blog.

In conclusion, Classic Italian coffee beans shine when ground for various preparations, including Espresso shots, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White (single shot), Cold brew, Bean to cup, and Cordano.


  1. Karen Hodges

    The whole family love coffee and the box lasts well despite going through it at a fair rate, the price is good too so thank you happy donkey.

  2. Jonathan Radley (verified owner)

    Strong and rich coffee. I’ve been buying this for many years and have never once been disappointed. Excellent service, good price and great coffee.

  3. Anthony Pusey (verified owner)

    Tried lots of beans but always come back to this Italian Blend. Excellent Coffee! Highly Recommended.

  4. Peter Sagar-Mahoney

    When it comes to taste, it’s a no Brainer.
    When it comes to price….. No Brainer.
    When it comes to customer service….. Yes, you’ve guessed it…. No Brainer.
    I have used happy donkey (and now Cool Beans) for 5 years and NEVER been disappointed. Same great customer service (which is very important for me personally)!
    Only able to give 5 stars, otherwise I would give More. Thank you guys.

  5. Tim Colman (verified owner)

    Happy Donkey kindly sent us a sampler pack of all their beans a while ago (everyone will want one now). We come back to the Italian every time. Happy Donkey are very nice people who sell very nice coffee. And it’s always next day delivery. These people and their coffee are 5*+…..

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