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Coffee Tampers

Coffee Tampers

Coffee tamper. Flat tamp or convex based. 57, 58,58.5mm competitiion.  Italian made. Fits the gaggia classic and the Rancilio Silvia, Fracino espresso machines and more.



Coffee tamper flat and convex types. For getting that perfect tamp. Flatten great coffee correctly for a perfect extraction. On offer are various sizes and two base types. Note the convex bottomed tamper is only available as a 58mm.

The 58.5mm is recommended for competition filter baskets only. High quality Italian designed and manufactured. Nicely weighted. Consequently a pleasure to use.

57mm diameter flat based

This is ideal for those wanting to use both single and double portafilters. Works extremely well for both. Walnut, red or black handled. Fits Gaggia, Rancilio, Fracino and Faema E61 group head portafilters. Including the Gaggia Classic and the Rancilio Silvia.

58mm flat based tamper

In addition to the 57mm for the machines mentioned above. The 58mm flat based is the go to safe option for a double basket. It is only 1mm bigger than the 57. However for some it makes all the difference. Another variable in the coffee making process.


Last but not least

In conclusion and last to feature is the 58.4 flat based. Sworn by some to create magic in a competition filter basket. It may be a touch too big for a lot of standard baskets. Not sure if it will fit? Don’t buy it ! Once again as with the 57, 58, 58mm convex and the 58.4mm. Available in red, black or walnut handled finish. Subject to stock availability of course!

All coffee tamper work well with our large tamping mat Protect your work surfaces and keep on the right side of the household ! Peace is priority.

For those setting up a coffee machine for the first time. Why not try a high quality flexible espresso blend? Make life easier and try the Happy Donkey Italian espresso blend from the Italian coffee beans category. The  best all round coffee beans money can buy. Happy Tamping !

Happy Donkey coffee tampers are great because:

  1. Italian made high quality
  2. Very good value for money
  3. They do a great job
  4. Good looking


Additional information


49mm, 57mm, 58mm, 58.4mm, 54mm

Base Type

Flat, Convex


Walnut, Black, Red


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