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Large bordered tamping mat.

Large bordered tamping mat.

Large tamping mat with bordered edges. Great for use with any tamper and portafilter. Any machine domestic or commercial. Great for home use coffee making.

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Large tamper mat with bordered edges.

The large tamper mat . This is our favourite mat. Because it is large enough for the job. As well as the size it has bordered edges. The edges help to catch renegade coffee grinds. When tamping the coffee.

Keeping the worktop clean is always a battle. The straight forward no nonsense design makes this tamping mat timeless. The mat cleans up well and can be put in the dishwasher.  A faultless product which can be trusted. For coffee Christmas and birthday presents.  The large tamper mat is ideal. Retail boxed it looks much more expensive than it is !

Dimensions are: Length 200mm, Width 150mm, Height including border 7mm. Why not buy a sparkling new tamper to go with the mat? Read all about tampers on the coffee blog

Why buy a large tamping mat?

  1. A steady surface to tamp coffee on is essential. Quality rubber helps achieve that.
  2. The mat will catch grinds which spill onto the surface.
  3. It looks great ! A lovely piece of coffee kit eye candy.
  4. The large tamping mat makes a great coffee gift.

How does a tamper mat help in coffee making?

A tamper mat helps to protect the work surface from scratches when tamping coffee. A bordered mat will also help to prevent grounds from populating the surface. As well as providing a stable base on which to tamp. Because the base is solid holding the tamper straight is easier throughout.

In conclusion – Basic principles

When coffee making basic principles apply. Because we want to get the water through all the coffee. In other words we need even water distribution. Consequently we get the most flavour from the coffee.

For instance the Happy Donkey Sumatran Mocha Coffee Beans . A blend so subtle in it’s complexities. We want to taste every nuance the beans offer. Of course there are many variables in coffee making. A great espresso needs a few things to be in place. A great tamp on a high quality large tamper mat is one of them.


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