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Motta Barista Key


Motta Barista Key

Motta barista key . Coffee making professional tool. Configure milk foaming thermometers. open bottle of beer and more. Take it fishing too !

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Motta Barista key is a useful tool. The key fits the nut on the back of  Motta thermometers. The nut is used to configure the thermometers. Great for avid coffee makers worldwide. The bottle opener slot is very useful for beer. The slot works well.

There are various sizes of slots. These may fit some commercial steam wand tips. The slots do not fit 8mm diameter steam tips. The key is NOT suitable for removing filter baskets. The flattened end is not thin enough. For a tool perfect at removing baskets buy the Puly lifty. The Lifty is  part of the awesome Puly Caff range.

A great look.

The Motta Barista key is made from stainless steel. The Lanyard with the Motta logo is smart. The white log on a black background is a nice touch. Professional Baristas will love these. The key certainly looks the part. It is a quality item made in Italy and is built to last. This coffee makers tool comes retails boxed. Great for a coffee Christmas and birthday present.

Motta Barista key – the bottom line.

The key would make a lovely present to a budding Barista. As a dependable bottle opener for fishing or camping. It’s great. The bottom line is be aware of the limitations. It is not a do it all espresso swiss army gadget. This is not a tool for everybody. However combined with a Puly Lifty it’s fantastic.

A Christmas or Birthday coffee gift? Try combining with some group head brushes. For that reason the tools was added to the online coffee shop. Originally there we had plans. Do a head to head on the coffee maker blog. To compare the two would be a mistake because they do different things. Both are high quality and worthy of any serious coffee individuals arsenal.


  1. Looks good
  2. Handy for some jobs
  3. Reasonably priced



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