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Milk foaming jugs.

Milk foaming jugs.

Milk foaming jugs. High quality stainless. Etched internal measurement guides. Various sizes to choose from . From Cordano to Cappucino !



Milk Foaming Jugs are a vital part of any coffee machine set-up. Required for foaming or frothing milk. To make a Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte or Cordano coffee.

The stainless jugs are high quality 18/10 grade stainless steel. The handles are spot welded in 4 places. The sides are straight and the spout is narrow. Practical and accurate.

It is easier to foam milk with a bigger jug. However the trend is to use a smaller one ! The aim is to foam without producing big air bubbles.

As a rough guide the 0.6 jug filled half way then foamed, will make enough for 2 x 12oz drinks. The etched markings on the 350ml jug measure 2,4,6,8 and 10oz. The 600ml is marked at 8,10,12 and 14oz.

Milk foaming jugs – Steaming made easy !

Making Latte or a Flat White milk is foamed the same way. A spatula is then used to partially cover the jug spout. The milk is then separated from the foam as it pours.

Foaming milk is the separation of the protein from the fat. Once that is done the milk can foam no more. Most noteworthy is full fat milk will foam for longer than weaker derivatives.

Storing milk at too high or low a temperature will separate the fat from the protein also. So when milk will not foam, that will be the reason. Use for success with our Motta milk thermometer.

Milk foaming jugs combined with a thermometer. Add some patience and consequently it is easy for anyone to steam milk perfectly. Because practice makes perfect why not buy 5 litres of milk to play on one Saturday morning? It is a skill once learnt never forgotten.

These are the same milk foaming jugs Happy Donkey has sold since 2004. Tried and tested. A proven product.

Read more about milk and learn how to foam milk on the Happy Donkey blog.

Happy Donkey milk foaming jugs are great because:

  1. Etched internal measurements
  2. Decent quality
  3. Decent value for money

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350ml Stainless Steel, 600ml Stainless Steel, 1 litre Stainless Steel, 1 litre Black Teflon


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