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Clean the bean to cup machine with the best liquid cleaning product on earth, Non hazardous and nature friendly. NSF approved scale inhibitor. 1000 millilitres. 33.8 Fluid Ounces. Also clears coffee residues. Clean the steam wand daily for best results. Puly Milk is the original and still the industry standard.

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Puly Milk frother cleaner is designed to clean automatic milk frothers and steam tubes.

It is ideally suited to bean to cup machines.  From manufacturers such as  Jura,Brasilia,  Swiss Egro, SoPure, Cimbali and Franke.

The special formula breaks down fatty deposits left by milk. Left to soak it will break down hardened milk too.

The best milk cleaning solution available.

Puly Milk frother cleaner is by far the best product of its kind available.

To clean steam tubes using the bottles special measure:  Put one measure of Puly Milk frother cleaner in a jug fill up with warm water.

Then leave to soak for at least 10 minutes. As with many cleaning products, for best results leave to soak overnight.

With a damp cloth simply wipe the tube to remove milk.

Always check that the tube is not hot first.

Never open the steam valve whilst the steam tube is submersed in the liquid.

This sometimes can cause back pressure which will suck the detergent into the boiler. It can cause a sour boiler. The only way to cure a sour boiler on an espresso machine is to completely strip it down. Then soak in some Calcinet. Give everything a thorough clean out put it back together again.

Worthy of note  when turning the espresso coffee machine on in the morning. Release some steam before frothing milk as the same could happen.

How to clean automatic milk frothers

Put one measure of Puly Milk frother cleaner into a jug or container. Place the tube coming from the milk frother into the container and turn on as though you were frothing milk.

Then leave to soak for 10 minutes. Turn back on and run the rest of the liquid through the frother.

Then place the tube from the frother into a container of fresh cold water. Run until clear.

The frother from the machine may also be removed and then left to soak over night.

For safety information download the relevant document from our Puly Caff safety section.




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