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Puly Milk Trade Buy 1 – 12 Bottle Options.

Puly Milk Trade Buy 1 – 12 Bottle Options.

Buy Pulymilk trade deal. Get the best forget the rest. Puly milk trade is the best liquid cleaner available for bean to cup coffee machines. Clear milk deposits. Flush milk delivering system pipes and enclosures. Big box trade deal 12 bottles. Fast delivery..



Puly milk trade deal.

The big deal is for 12 x 1 litre bottles of Puly milk trade cleaner.  An effective non hazardous cleaning product. Also available in options is a single bottle purchase.

Anywhere milk deposits build up this liquid can be used. Most often in bean to cup coffee machines. Cleaning brands such as Cimbali, Jura, Swiss Egro, Darenth, SoPure and WMF. To name a few. Not to be confused with Puly Caff trade. A powder back flush cleaner.

Examples of cleaning applications

A versatile product. Puly Milk trade cleans a range of espresso items. Removes internal milk protein deposits. For example cleaning heavily used milk foaming jugs. Also steam tips and arms on Traditional coffee machines. When milk deposits build up. This cleaning product solves the problem.

How to clean a steam tip?

Unscrew the steam tip and soak it in some Pulymilk over night. Scrub and poke clean in the morning. Ensure that the tip is completely clean inside and out. Check the holes are totally clear. Fitting is the reverse of removal. This technique works on domestic espresso machines as well as commercial.

How to use Puly Milk trade?

Squeeze the bottle until the box under the blue cap is full. The dose of Puly milk trade is now correct. Use as directed by the machine manufacturer. For soaking coffee making items like jugs and steam tips. Simply free pour into a bowl. Because the free flow dosage is not set, use the red cap.

Is Puly Milk any good?

Yes it is the original and best available and here’s why.

  1. Non hazardous product. NSF approved.
  2. Manufactured by a dedicated coffee cleaning company.
  3. So easy  to delivering the correct cleaning dose every time.
  4. Attractively priced.
  5. Supplied by Happy Donkey. Has to be high quality, it’s company policy.
  6. Proven technology. 16 years of satisfied customers.
  7. Available as a single bottle if required.  Puly milk frother cleaner

Further information on coffee cleaning

It’s not every day as espresso people we have time to sit back and reflect. What is it we need to do to keep the coffee flowing well? We use the best ingredients. For instance Costa Rican coffee beans.

But what else as coffee making professionals do we need? We need to pay attention to cleaning. It’s not just the espresso machines, It’s the jugs, the tampers, the milk thermometers.

Don’t forget something which is very important. The coffee grinder. Give this article a read, It will help you. Cleaning coffee grinders.

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Single Bottle, Trade Buy 12 Bottles


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