Stovetop coffee maker kit.

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Stovetop coffee maker. Italian 4 cup 120ml stainless steel. Pre ground coffee for 20 pots. Contactless delivery by APC Courier. All for £25.00. Bargain!

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Stovetop coffee maker kit. Complete with contactless delivery from APC couriers.

Works with electric or gas stoves. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Italian made high quality stainless steel.

The ideal gift in these current times. Introduce family and friends to the real taste of coffee.

No grinder required this kit contains everything. A four cup stovetop 120ml coffee maker.

Five sachets of pre ground Happy Donkey java coffee. Each fill of the maker uses between 14 and 18 grams of coffee.

This means the user gets enough pre ground to make 15 – 20 pots. Just add water and heat.

A lovely present to cheer people up in these strange times.  A small thing like this can mean so much.

Fill the house with authentic real coffee aroma every day. So simple and effortless to use.

A lovely Java coffee is so relaxing to enjoy sat in the garden or balcony on warmer days.

Real coffee drinkers know all too well the many benefits of drinking real coffee.

From the anti oxidants great for cellular health. To the enormous sense of well being.

For many a stovetop coffee maker is the beginning. A beautiful journey into the real taste of coffee.

A change and upgrade in lifestyle. It’s the finer things in life which make all the difference.

The Java coffee when made this way gives a smooth yet complex body. The coffee triggers the imagination through taste sensation.

Drink the Java black or add milk. Either way the beverage is something to truly savour.

Easy to use, easy to clean, this stovetop coffee maker will give years of pleasure.

A gift to remember. Never forgotten and always appreciated.

Moka Pots are steeped in cultural and historical tradition. Dating back many years. The Moka method is still a firm favourite throughout the world.

Further reading about the Moka stovetop coffee making method can be found on the Coffee Blog

From Ilford to Italy. From Mansfield to Milan. Who wouldn’t smile at a gift like this?

Got a grinder? Blends which work especially well also include the Happy Donkey Italian coffee beans

and Brazilian coffee beans

Find replacement Java coffee here.



1 review for Stovetop coffee maker kit.

  1. Julie

    Full star rating for this cracking coffee pot for expresso at a bargain price with coffee included! Easy to use and clean for everyday use. Good that it’s stainless steel as opposed to many others out there that are aluminium of which I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole! The Java itself has a smooth and satisfying taste. Would definitely recommend both this pot and coffee combo.
    Thank you for such an excellent service, Scott, which is rare to find in many companies these days.
    Very impressed with Happydonkey and will definitely be ordering from you again.

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