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Coffee grounds brush.

Coffee grounds brush.

Coffee grounds brush. Use for sweeping grinds off coffee grinders, work surfaces. Anywhere loose ground can land when making espresso ! Ideal coffee Christmas or Birthday gift !

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A coffee grounds brush is used to sweep loose grounds tidy. Because when we grind coffee we always create mess ! This brush is great for helping to clear grinds from surfaces. From the work surface and from coffee equipment. A cost effective alternative to the Pallo Grindminder 2.

What to expect from the coffee grounds brush.

The brush does not set out to perform miracles. It merely assists when cleaning the coffee grinder. Also when cleaning the area around the knock box. The coffee grinder brush is very handy. Because coffee grounds get everywhere. We need all the help we can get !

Made in England the bristles are very high quality. A hygienic Barista tool for use time and again. The brush cleans up very well in a dishwasher. Coming back like brand new. It keeps the original shape.

A brush no self respecting coffee maker should be without. It all adds up to that king espresso shot. The more cleaning brushes we have on board. The easier the job ! Ideal for use on the Iberital mc2 domestic coffee grinder.

Alternative uses

Those who cook will recognise the shape and form. Yes identical to a pastry brush. Indeed this coffee grounds brush is also ideal for other uses. For instance brushing oil onto fish prior to cooking. Or milk onto pastry in the quest for the perfect brown glaze. Furthermore once done, a quick whiz in the dishwasher and it’s back to coffee cleaning duties !


Inconclusion what have here is an out and out bargain. A high quality British made hygienic multi tool. Great for all manor of uses. Hard waring and good looking. The handle even has a hole included for hanging. All ready for use.

An ideal Christmas or birthday gift for the espresso person in your life. Or a valuable part of the coffee cleaning arsenal. You decide !


  • Made in Britain
  • Hygenic
  • High quality
  • Multi purpose
  • Cleans up really well



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