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Pallo Grindminder Grounds Brush

Pallo Grindminder Grounds Brush

Buy the pallo grindminder. The most advanced and best coffee grinds brush in the world. See the Happy Donkey coffee cleaning brush range. Love your espresso. Home or commercial use.

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The version 2.0 of the Pallo Grindminder. Proud member of the range. Happy Donkey coffee cleaning brushes  A very high quality nylon based brush. Specialist design for sweeping the counter. Also for helping to keep the exterior of the coffee grinder clean.

Mostly used by barista professionals. However it’s also great for a domestic coffee grinder Just about every detail you can imagine has been thought about already in the design of this product. Dimensions: Total length circa 282mm. Head span (graduated height) width circa 107mm.

Is the Pallo Grindminder any good?

To start with the Pallo Grindminder is the leader on the market. The best designed coffee grinds brush money can buy. The ergonomic handle makes for comfortable use. Next the hanger hole makes for easy storage.

Furthermore it features a low profile head for ease of use. Especially when cleaning under a machine. Most of all three rows of stiff nylon comprise the counter sweeping end.  Because of the varying  bristle sizes various sizes of grinds are swept.

The width span of the brush head is wide and therefore time saving. The bristles and handle are food safe. The ideal coffee cleaning brush ! Yes it’s comprehensive. There’s more to Pallo Grindminder than meets the eye !

Cleaning coffee grinders

Yes so important. Coffee making with great coffee beans does get messy. Even the most together Barista gets those coffee grounds in unwanted places. The body of the coffee grinder is like a magnet for grinds. As well as any gap where they can hide! In other words, coffee gets everywhere !

The Pallo Grindminder is a sweeping brush. Not a scrubbing brush. Consequently what it does best is pull spent grinds together. From the surface of anything. The soft bristles are not harsh enough to cause damage.

Lets not forget the most important part of cleaning the coffee grinder though. The blades ! Yes thankfully help is at hand for that too. Read information in a little article about it on the blog. Article about cleaning coffee grinders.

Product highlights:

  1. Best on the market
  2. High quality
  3. Works well and looks good.



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