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Puly Lifty – filter basket removal tool.

Puly Lifty – filter basket removal tool.

Puly lifty. The solution for filter basket removal. A coffee making essential. Buy it today. The best coffee birthday Christmas present and gift ever !

£8.00 inc.Vat | £6.67 ex.VAT

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Puly Lifty, say hello to the best coffee making gadget ! The simple ergonomic tool removes filter baskets from portafilters. Remove the filter basket to clean it daily and weekly. Replace the basket with a back flushing basket. Like the Puly Blindy Use with espresso cleaning super product Puly Caff powder

Puly Lifty – the meaning of cleaning.

Using the right tools is essential in coffee making. Because using the best tools will get the right result. Cleaning has meaning. Better taste, as well as aroma. Hygiene is king. Read more in the guide to back flushing espresso machines.

Get in the coffee good look.

Get the best back flushing basket, the Blindy. The best espresso cleaning powder, Puly Caff. Complete that with the Puly  Lifty. The clever  gadget Baristas cannot live without. Alternatively use a using screw driver ? The back of a spoon? NO ! Keep it close by. Look and feel more professional. Owning the tools increases the motivation. Back flush and clean the coffee machine more often.

A total must have for any serious coffee person. The main reason to use Puly Blindy is convenience. A time saver. Because time is money.

Get in the puly lifty habit

Cleaning coffee machines is important. Because taste is everything. Failure to back flush means failure to deliver great espresso. Since everything we do starts with espresso we need to take heed.

Not only are clean filter baskets important. But as well as so are shower plates and internals. The internals store dried tannin. This is a nasty glue like substance.

What happens next

When the tannin is passed over by hot water, guess what? Yes some of it goes with the water. The water then taints the coffee making process.

The coffee will become bitter. The espresso will not taste very nice. Old dried tannin is a coffee killer ! Buy a Puly Lifty today. Why not celebrate and buy some top grade Italian coffee beans too !

Puly Lifty is a good buy because:

  1. Makes life easy
  2. Built for the job
  3. Looks great



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