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Puly Grind verde coffee grinder blade cleaner. Cleaning burrs is easy with Pulygrind. Get better espresso and rid blades from oils and tannin.

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Puly Grind Verde. The best grinder blade and burr cleaning solution money can buy. The Verde version is comprised of only natural occurring ingredients. The contents are fully renewable, sustainable, food safe and dust free. Readjustment of the grinder blades is not required for cleaning. The blade cleaning is done in situ.

Price shown is for box of 10 sachets. Each Puly Grind Verde sachet will clean one set of grinder blades. Ideal for commercial and domestic home user coffee grinders too. For best results clean the blades or burrs on the coffee grinder once a week in a commercial setting.  Especially during the hotter months.

Domestic users may get away with using every two weeks for a regular use grinder. Best practice for coffee grinder care is to run the grinder dry after use. Do this by powering up the grinder and running it until all chambers are empty.

Clean those grinder blades

Over time the grinder blades or burrs  become stained and clogged. This results in poorer performance of the blades and makes the motor of the grinder work harder. This not only potentially reduces the life of the motor , but it can lead to inconsistent results.

A clogged grinder may cause with sized grinds. An inconsistent pour when water is pushed through coffee can be the fault of the grinder.  The water can run through at different speeds. Because some grinds will be bigger than others and water will always take the path of least resistance. The best extraction of flavour from the coffee is therefore no longer possible.

What it all means

What this ultimately means is that the water does not run through the grinds evenly and you don’t get the best extraction of flavour from your coffee, using this product you get better Crema and Aroma, eliminates unwanted residue on your grinder blades, including those created by flavoured coffee.

The 100% super concentrated crystals will not wear down your grinder blades, you do not need to adjust the grind on your machine in order to make it work. Take action and get clean. Read all about it with more original images and an over view on the blog

Cleaning any coffee grinder blades and burrs.

Puly Grid verde works well for cleaning any grinder blades. Even bean to cup machines. Burrs really benefit from regular use of this award winning product.

Some coffee blends are more oily than other. An espresso blend could release more oils. Like Happy Donkey Brazilian coffee beans A single origin 100% arabica like Happy Donkey Costa Rica coffee beans  will have less.

However no matter which beans are used, over time oils dry and build up. From the makers of Puly Caff. Looking for a grinder blade cleaner? This is it !

In conclusion Pulygrind is great because:

  1. Market leader
  2. Grind adjustment not required
  3. Environmentally friendly
  4. Helps get the most from your coffee



  1. Janet Taylor

    Bought for my husband with the MC2 grinder and Italian blend!

    At last he is very happy with everything, the coffee is really good now.

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