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Steam pipe cleaning brush – Pallo Steamy Wanda

Steam pipe cleaning brush – Pallo Steamy Wanda

Steam pipe cleaning brush. Steamy Wanda. Use to clean the Gaggia Classic. Buy today and scrub your worries away !


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Not just any steam pipe cleaning brush. It’s the Steamy Wanda from Pallo tool ! The posh hard wearing pipe brush. Perfect for cleaning espresso machine steam wands.

A beautifully presented coffee cleaning brush.  A must for every serious coffee maker. This version is 6mm in diameter in green. This would suit the Gaggia Classic steam wand.

What a steam pipe cleaning brush does.

By unscrewing the steam tip on the arm. Next inserting the steam pipe cleaning brush and rotating. Foreign sediment sat inside the arm can be dislodged. A blast of steam can then be sent through the arm to clear.

This is not instruction. Just theory for demonstration only. Steam causes serious burns. Therefore great care must be taken when using this cleaning brush. Users do so at their own risk. As qualified coffee professional should perform this task.

Because once cleaned the path for the steam is clear. More direct and focused steam is created. Consequently the Barista has full control. Better hygiene and cleanliness is maintained. Ideal as part of coffee machine preventative maintenance.

Why buy a Steamy Wanda?


  1. Enables a better path for steam to enter the milk jug.
  2. Coffee making design specific cleaning tool.
  3. Aesthetics. Look professional, works really well.
  4. Hard wearing with a decent handle ideal for rotation.
  5. Makes for a fantastic coffee Birthday or Christmas present !
  6. Simply the best steam pipe cleaning brush ever made.
  7. Two sizes green 6mm and red 7.2mm diameters available.

Steam pipe cleaning brush – Cleanliness is key

In addition to using cleaning brushes, why not look look at the Pallo Grindminder 2 brush ? The Grindminder is a high quality coffee grounds brush. Designed for sweeping the counter and grinder.

Because clean coffee grinder blades are so important. There is even a dedicated cleaner for that too ! Read all about cleaning coffee grinders Cleaning espresso machines is easy. Especially with the right tools. As well as using brushes Puly Caff Powder helps loads. For instance diluting in water and soaking milk jugs in. Not only for soaking but also for back flushing the machines group head too !

More from PalloTool

Pallo make high quality Barista tools. For those seeking quality this is the go to brand. For instance the group head brush.  It has Pallo Tool replacement heads The best cleaning brushes are made by this company.


Additional information


Small 6mm Diameter, Large 7.2mm Diameter


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