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Group Head Brush

Group Head Brush

Group head brush. From Pallo to Crema Pro. Cleaning the group head after every espresso shot is essential. This is the tool for the job.  Every Barista needs one.



Group head Brush. Various types available to buy. Because every budget and need is different. There are many designs on the market. We supply the best three. What are these used for? To clean the group seal on an espresso machine. As well as the shower plate.


As anyone in coffee will tell you. It’s a messy business this coffee making. Using the best Brazilian coffee beans for instance. We know for sure we are in for a treat. The deep body, the welcome aroma, the beautiful thick crema layer. All combine for the ultimate espresso taste.

However all the while problems are brewing. If left to build up they will taint our efforts ! Pressure, steam, heat, tannin, foaming milk deposits. A combination for destruction ! Consequently  cleaning regime must be applied. Else we will let ourselves down. Back flushing and soaking with Puly Caff cleaner  is where it all starts.

Drilling down into detail, before and after making a coffee shot. A brush of the seal with a group head brush. A flush of the filter basket with hot water is good. As well a wipe of the steam tip. But wait, don’t forget to read up on the imperative guide to Puly Grind cleaner.

Should I buy a group head brush?

Yes you should and here’s why. Traditionally In espresso bars things were different. We’re talking about Italian and Spanish coffee outlets. It was the job of the Barista to change the group seals on the machine once a month. Also whilst doing that the shower plates were changed too.

Because these items wear quickly it makes perfect sense. Like changing oil in a gearbox. Logic tells us, preventative maintenance is good. Fast forward to the modern day and things are very different. Engineers tend to change the seals in commercial settings. For domestic machines it is sometimes just left until the seal fails before it is changed.

A group head brush cleans the seal, clears the shower plate or dish. Consequently the seal lasts longer. Because otherwise coffee grinds dry out on the seal. These grinds then turn hard. When pushed against the seal by the top of the portafilter. Yes, you guessed it. They seek and destroy.

Pallo Brush.

The top of the range. Currently this is the reigning champion of brushes.

Extremely well designed the Pallo boasts more than most.

  1. Removable and replaceable head.
  2. Handy mini scoop built into the tail
  3. In red or black !
  4. Hard wearing, and long lasting.
  5. Hard and tough bristles
  6. Big bristle diameter
  7. Trendy, credible and smart in appearance too !
  8. Pin bit on the back of the head for clearing steam tip holes.

Crema Pro brush

This group head brush will be the choice for the majority of espresso people.

The reasons for which are many.

  1. Very effective cleaning.
  2. Long lasting.
  3. Nice long safe handle.
  4. Extremely good value for money.
  5. Known trusted no nonsense brand.

Cheap group head brush

Many choose to buy this brush because:

  1. It’s cheap
  2. It works
  3. Lose it and buy another one
  4. More money for coffee beans !


In conclusion here we have three types of brush. Each brush has it’s strong points. The Pallo,  stylish and effective with replaceable heads is great. But the price does reflect it’s excellence. The Crema Pro, a great all rounder, good at what it does. Then there’s the cheap one, not the longest handle but it does suffice for many.

Whether in a domestic home user or a commercial situation it’s horses for courses. All of the above work well. Remember we are cleaning the seal and shower.  Nothing more. If money is no object the Pallo is the clear winner here. What you buy of course is up to you !

One thing for sure, if you run an espresso machine you do need a group head brush. Happy cleaning !


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